[Ch3] Raeng Ngao 2 (Broadcast Thai) : Janie Tienphosuwan / Ken Phupoom

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  1. AnnTfan

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    What? So Veekit will become a player?? I'm not sad that KA's version didn't have season 2, less drama lol
  2. Thank you for this info. Dang! I hope they do have the sequel because I am a fan of Ken P and Janie from the 2012 version. But if the rumor is correct about Veekit's character as a player then I will be sick! No! He went through a heck of a time to get Munin's love at the end of the lakorn. What the! :confused12:
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    omg!!I just now know there will be sequel for raeng ngao.will the main cast still the same or not??
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  4. From what I understood Ken P and Janie will reprise their original roles. I am not too sure about the other characters which I don't care either way... uh I also heard from earlier in the thread supposedly Ken P's character Veekit will be a player in the sequel? I was like WHAT? He really had to win Munin's love and he is going to play her NOW in the possible sequel? Makes no sense! :confused12:
  5. eb kaimin

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    what!!??player?how can?now I wonder how the producer will make the sequel:confused12:
  6. Who knows! I'm wondering the same thing. But I do not know the real status on this lakorn yet. Hope someone will confirm soon. I am a fan of Ken P and Janie from the 2012 version! :aaaaa:
  7. Geez I cannot wait for a confirmation on this possible sequel! :p
  8. eb kaimin

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    same here!I am new on lakorn and have watched it.nice revenge story and I like it:love:
  9. I watched it when they still have English subs a couple years ago. Now I can't even watch the lakorn with English subs. Someone took it down! :mad: Lol. :p
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    I started Raeng Ngoa 1 but never finished it. I need to go back and finish it to know how the first one went before I start on R2.
  11. Oh right! I can't watch RN with Eng subs anywhere. Good luck! And we aren't sure if there's even going to be a RN 2 yet. We hope! :p
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    I watch it raw. I've been watching lakorns since I was 10 so I kinda understand most of what they're saying.
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  13. Oh good for you! Unfortunately not my case! I don't understand Thai! Lol :)
  14. sarN

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    Is it goin be a sequel or continual or different story line but same concept ? If base on Ken' s character from the lakorn, it's impossible for him to be a player !
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  15. That's what I'm saying! Lol! He worked hard to earn Munin's love!
  16. spanky

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    right, cont. make more sense than sequel
  17. I wasn't exactly satisfied with the ending to part 1. I felt they rushed it a bit. It would be nice ending with the pranangs having a family! Lakorns have a tendency to rush the ending! A nice sequel would be just fine. But not possibly as Veekit betraying Munin. Oh no! :confused12:
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    I sorta watch this version but Couldn't really get into it and Yes the ending was rush. They focus soo much on the drama. If this cont. and p'k is being a player....that is just not his character.

    I did enjoy Ken/Ann version. I felt there was more pra'nang scenes...at least it left a better impression
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