[Ch3] Raeng Ngao 2 (Broadcast Thai) : Janie Tienphosuwan / Ken Phupoom

Discussion in 'Currently broadcasting & New Lakorn' started by -AyLove-, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. meenia

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    Omg, great news but they have to keep the same cast.  I love Ken P. and Janie..They where hot together.. I serious thought this one was better than Ann and Ken..Maybe i just like Ken P. and Janie more.. They both did great in Rang Ngao.  I can't believe there will be a part 2, but i'm not too sure about the storyline then.. They should have just done a different title lakorn..No need for part 2.. 
  2. namsaengkua

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  3. fantastic_27

    fantastic_27 ''SMTown'

    i think its on;y fair to put Ken P back in here because didn't she fall in love with Ken P in RN (2012) and now RN2 and they just going to make Ken P go away.
  4. lilmissmii

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    looks like they're still working on the script, base on recent interviews the main cast will all return along with some newbies. filming won't start til maybe middle of next year.  so we have a long way to go.  smh...
  5. misskyhigh

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  6. ms.j

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    Wow did he rape her on part 1 maybe they will have a baby lol I'm just predicting
  7. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    ^ Lol! Yes, he did rape her in part 1 but I don't think she will be pregnant. I'm so curious to know the story line for part 2! 
  8. ms.j

    ms.j sarNie Egg

    Me too
  9. tatayounger

    tatayounger sarNie Egg

    I hope they don't try to turn Ken's characters like his uncle.
  10. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    This lakorm will start next year that is what Khun said. Excited! Hopefully, the storyline isn't too dramatic and over.
  11. tinah

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  12. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    Probably more scandalous stuff lol
  13. AikOm^_^

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    Tinah, -AyLove- herself started a thread for Raeng Ngao 2 a while back, so I merged your topic with hers. :)
  14. byebye

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    It should be scandalous Janie is pretty good at that onscreen and off screen
  15. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Huh...interesting. If they make Ken T. and Anne T. reunite for this one I'd totally dig it. Haha.
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  16. LimeGrass

    LimeGrass sarNie Adult

     Heh...I see what you did there.
    Personally, having part 2 is just to capitalize on RN popularity--and it won't end well. What more can they do in part 2? Make one of the pranangs have an affair with someone else and have this cycle of adultery/revenge continue?
  17. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    Sigh. They're ruining a good lakorn by capitalizing off it. I loved the original.
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  18. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    I hope they will have more scenes of Ken PP & Janie, because in first one there wasn't as much scenes of them together.
  19. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    Finally there is an update on this lakorn. Part 2 will be more about the love between Janie and Ken PP. Yay! I'm excited for that. The whole characters will be in here. Everything as in the cast is going to be the same. They're done writing part 2 already too. Yay, can't wait.
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  20. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    I dont know why this lakorn is being moved to the cancel, unconfirm lakorn section. I'm pretty sure this lakorn is going to be in making soon, because the producer and Janie confirmed that there will be a part 2, and it will start filming next year. Therefore, this lakorn shouldn't be placed here.

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