[Ch3] Raeng Ngao 2 (Broadcast Thai) : Janie Tienphosuwan / Ken Phupoom

Discussion in 'Currently broadcasting & New Lakorn' started by -AyLove-, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

  2. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

  3. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    Yes, I know, Alice. I just forgot about it. I already ask a mod to fix it for me. :)
  4. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    that's okay but next time don't forget anyway thanks for the good news
  5. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

     I won't. :) 
    I actually can't wait to see more news on this lakorn. :D I'm excited for part 2! 
  6. YinGgyTASTIC

    YinGgyTASTIC sarNie Adult

    If there second parts? What do you guys think its going to be about?
  7. SonYukView4ever


    wow srsly a part 2? lol I never even finish part 1. hahaha
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  8. lilmissmii

    lilmissmii sarNie Hatchling

    I wonder what the storyline will be about..but for sure the main actresses/actors from the first one will be returning.. looking forward to hearing more about it. ^_^
  9. pink_juliet_kashie

    pink_juliet_kashie sarNie Oldmaid

    I too am curious what the story line will be about. 
  10. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    maybe this 2nd part they might switch of pra'ek i actually want Broadcast to choose P'Pope its his opportunity meeting with Janie he already had a chances meeting Ploy in STT
  11. fun

    fun YGfamily

    pls no. they ruined raeng ngao. as entertsining amd annoying as it is, it was poorly written.
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  12. fanny

    fanny sarNie Adult

    Yes! They should switch p'ek to Pope. Ken is almost invisible in that lakorn anyways. I forward most of his part when I was watching raeng Ngao.
  13. aikoden

    aikoden ♥DREAMER♥ Staff Member

    K/A's version didn't get a second part but J/K's version does... hmm.. I haven't watched the new one just yet.
  14. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    Uh, what's more to continue? Unless Napit and Nok return with a vengeance bent on destroying Moonin. I enjoyed Raeng Ngao (2012), but I would just prefer them making a better ending than continuing into part 2... :facepalm: Oh, well, I'll be watching anyway hehe. They better have the perfect ending for Nok, the two-faced witch! :yes: I was so angry she got away free at the end of Raeng Ngao (2012).
    :rofl: I was a fan of Janie and Ken P's version, but I'm not positive I want a part 2...unless it's even better and Nok gets her just desserts. :)
  15. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    yeah there is less sparkling from Ken P maybe Pope might give his best shot 
  16. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    I haven't seen Ken T/Anne's version before so, I don't know which one is better than which but I think both versions had there good and bad. I personally liked the 2012 version, I enjoyed it a lot. :D
    I am happy that there will be a part 2 to RN because like Maiko mentioned, I was not pleased and happy when that annoy Nok girl got away with everything she did. Oh man, I hated her face! Lol. I was pissed off when nothing happened to her. Like WTF!!!!! Lol. I can't wait to see what they will have in stored for us for part 2. And also, I hope there will be many cute and love scenes of Ken PP and Janie. I'm pretty cool with Ken PP as pra'ek now. I was pissed when he got the role but after RN ended, I'm okay with it now. Lol. 
    Excited,excited for part 2! I guess, they will not even film this until next year, anyway. Since, Janie is busy filming two lakorns now.
  17. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    Janie will be in the new plerng boon remake too but the sad thing she's playing the n'rai Noi original role oh so part2 is Ken P again.
  18. narkrakdin24^^

    narkrakdin24^^ sarNie Adult

    Ugh. Part 2? Usually sequels don't usually do good. But NM2 proved me wrong. Well, except of them banning it. *sigh*
    Raeng Ngao (2012) was, I agree, poorly written. It's just all... you know what I mean. But if Raeng Ngao 2 has a good plot I'll probably watch it.
    I'd be laughing if it was their kid's generation story.
  19. fun

    fun YGfamily

    i mean it wasnt bad but the whole meaning behind raeng ngao was just destroyed. nin never intended to be tha. she went to bangkok, got mistaken for tha but she didnt want to disclose that tha died. she never intended for revenge until she came across some things in tha's place. janie version was just for entertaining and eyecandy. everything was too glamours. the old version had a realistic setting and made the situation real. they do have their pros and cons but performance and script/dialogue, it failed me.

    i still dont understand why there is a need for 2? and if they were to change casting, might as well have a different lakorn unrelated to rn.
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  20. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    @ Alice, I'm assuming Ken PP and the original cast will still be in here. 
    I think if the original cast isn't going to be in this part then like Fun said this should be a whole different lakorn and it shouldn't be related to Rang Ngao at all.
    I hope they don't change the cast because I want more scene of Ken PP and Janie. They barely got any scene in part 1. The pra'ek's role was so "blah". I don't know what part 2 is going to be about but like I said, I hope in this part 2, that "Nok" girl get something at the end. She seriously annoyed me a lot. I don't even know what was the purpose of her role anyway. She was just this annoy little girl who play with men just for the heck of it. Don't know her reason to why she do it. I don't even remember if she ever mention the reason to it too. 

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