[Ch3] Prow Mook (?) : Pon Nawasch/ Bua Wansiri

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  1. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Oh, that's pretty impressive in terms of fan growth. In terms of ratings, it's what I thought. Because I think Bua's lakorn with Pop actually did better in terms of ratings. But I saw this one on social media a lot.
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  2. krisayaporn

    krisayaporn sarNie Adult

    Ex role is deeply bitch She pretend to be nice to Prowmook but actually is back stabber
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  3. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh wow those are the worst type of friends
  4. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    They should have paired him with another actress. Ch3 as usual is limiting its actors/actresses
  5. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Yeah, they should’ve pair Pon up with some else. They’re not limited in actors but more want to pair theses two up because of their popularity is growing. They just want to create another koojin and see how much they can get out of this as usual. Typical ch3 with popular pairs.
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  6. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Pon is young so luckily he has time to pair with others. But I do hope he gets to pair with some of our favorite A-listers in the near future.
  7. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    I suddenly want to see him pair up with prang or carissa
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  8. krisayaporn

    krisayaporn sarNie Adult

    They're not originally friend but Ex is nice to Prowmook for her image. She need to take revenge on Prowmook to break her and Chalunthorn
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  9. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    Wow! What quick reunion! I haven't even started on their first lakorn although they're awfully adorable together.
  10. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    Yay, another drama with these two :).
  11. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    Waiting for Pon to get promoted.
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  12. ImQueen

    ImQueen sarNie Adult

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  13. ABG

    ABG sarNie Egg

    Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but I don't know if I will like the storyline. Why does Pon have to pretend to be gay? I really don't like those type of stories. Is it going to be romantic comedy? Two genres of Thai lakorn I don't like are action and romantic comedy! I hope it'll be as good as their first lakorn.

    Pon and Bua do have great chemistry. I'm wondering if the age gap makes a difference in how comfortable they are with each other? James + Bella and James + Taew were great together too. I'm wondering if it's because the leading ladies are much older, so is more comfortable around the leading male because she sees him as a little brother? Though, I'm sure Pon and James found their leading ladies attractive. James' gf is about 4 years older? And Pon said in an interview that age doesn't matter. But I think, generally, women care more about how much younger a man is to her? Or maybe it has nothing to do with it, and it's just their compatibility with personality and they're professionals.
  14. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

  15. leemoua27

    leemoua27 sarNie Egg

    All I have to say, I cannot wait for this lakorn to air! My Pon is so handsome
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  16. leemoua27

    leemoua27 sarNie Egg

    Oh yasssss! I really want to see him pair up with Prang
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  17. vina

    vina sarNie Egg

    I just came here after finishing Trabab See Chompoo. I'm happy that Pon will be paired up again with Bua. They really have an off the charts chemistry with their first lakorn.

    Pon really have the looks of a praek for slap kiss drama, he really made me hate and love him at the same time in TBSC but I don't want him to be typecasted in the same role over and over again so I'm glad his next project is different from his last.

    Looking forward to watching this drama soon. Hope that someone will also provided english sub for international fans.
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  18. xdanavelvetx

    xdanavelvetx sarNie Hatchling

    I love his character in Sanae Rak Nang Cin. It made me to follow him in his acting career. I didn't watch his lakorn with Bua yet but I see some clips and images about the pairing. I can feel the chemistry between them!

    This storyline is just cup of my tea. I'm excited. :cheer:

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