[Ch3] Poo Kong Yod Ruk (Good Feeling)


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the storyline,genre and those photo make me interested with this lakorn.have not watch margie for while now.maybe i will tune this.


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Repost of PKYR T-ser
Credits to MargieBoy MB
Same T-ser from ch. 3 official YT channel
Credits to TV3 Official

VicBig 3
Credits to MargieBoy MB

Credits to MargieBoy MB


The show from VicBig 3 was honestly boring, but the teaser was amazing. I love the way ter speaks. It sounds adorable. :)


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Airing after Ka Badin. Margie's other lakorn with Great will also be airing so she will have two lakorns on air.
From KCL :  @ เลือกละครที่จะมาต่อเรื่อง หนึ่งในทรวง ทุกวัน พุธ-พฤหัส อยู่พักใหญ่ ที่สุดช่อง 3 ก็ลงตัวที่เรื่อง ใต้เงาจันทร์ ของทีวีซีน ที่มี เกรท วรินทร คู่ "มาร์กี้" ราศี
                @ ขณะที่ ศุกร์-อาทิตย์ ที่มาแทน ข้าบดินทร์ ก็เป็นเรื่อง ผู้กองยอดรัก ก็เจอะ มาร์กี้ อีก เรียกว่าแฟนคลับของนางเอกสาว ดูกันให้หายคิดถึงกันไปเลย 5 วันรวดเจ้าค่ะ


Yay!!! Two of my most anticipated lakorn of Margie airing together makes me so happy. I've been waiting so long for Tai Ngao Jan too. Can't wait to see my first Parada on screen again. :)

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Oh it's airing already! Gotta tell my dad, he loved Num's version. 


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This will be airing July 3rd from Fri-Sun.
Translated from Manager
Ter Chantavit- Pan Namsupan
Margie Rasri- Chaweepong
Diew Suriyont- Sutisan
Santisuk & Daneenut- Khun Kamnan-poon & Khun Jan (Ter's parents)
Savitree & Toon Hiransap- Colonel Puan & Khun Nai Chawaiwong (Margie's parents)
Poo Kong Yod Ruk is a lakorn about Pan Namsupan (Ter), a young lawyer who had just returned from earning his Master's Degree in Law from England. His goal was to become a judge, but it so happened that Pan was drafted and became enlisted to become a soldier. He is the only son of Khun Kamnampoon and Khun Jan, who are wealthy millionaires from the Golden City. His parents were really upset about him being drafted. They tried everything to get him out of it, even black magic. In the end, Pan decided to enlist himself because he didn't want to use dirty tactics to get himself out of it. He fell in love with Captain/ Dr. Chaweepong (Margie) at first sight. His fellow soldiers will help cheer him on to win her heart. Pan will have to prove his love by facing various obstacles. One of his biggest obstacles is the fact that Chaweepong is the beloved daughter of Colonel Puan. He also has Major/ Dr. Sutisan (Diew) as his love competition. Sutisan has been trying to get close to Cheewapong for a very long time. There will be many competitions to prove oneself against one another.  No matter how difficult the obstacles may be, I just want to conquer your heart so that you can become poo kong yod ruk kong ai Pan (my beloved captain).


sarNie Adult
oooh i love a feisty and tough nek, so a female police captain would be th best candidate, plus i adore margie! Ter looks cute, only problem is he's Diew love competition and im super duper bias towards my Diew lol

I will give this a try :)

K, js watched the teaser, looks funny, reminds me so much of dao reung though, 80% of the casts in there are in here heh There's very little of Diew in the teaser though *pouts* but he looks so fine in that little snippet <3


sarNie OldFart
It sounds cute. If p'ek hides his identity, I will definitely tune in because I like underdog stories.