[Ch3] Plick Fah (Metta Mahaniyom)

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  1. erinhang

    erinhang sarNie Adult

    Yes, the veterans will be good too! Gotta make sure that they're tall enough for Yaya, though cause she is one tall girl!
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  2. chulie

    chulie sarNie Egg

    james ma or great!! =D
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  3. Ncmeowmeow35

    Ncmeowmeow35 sarNie Oldmaid

    James Ma still has a chance cus he graduated already right? So he can take on a third one. Would love to see him with Yaya.
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  4. ptenchik

    ptenchik sarNie Adult

    Хочу Яя с Марио!
  5. rockateur

    rockateur sarNie Hatchling

    It would suck for Nok Chatchai and his family if they can't get Yaya in here. They've been waiting for her queue for another collaboration since 2011, making that a 5 year wait but the elders have never granted their wish. Even in Nok's recent interview, he still insists till this day that he really wants Yaya where the casting of the praeks don't even matter anymore hahaha. A part of me really wants to see Shahkrit with Yaya. He used to be one of Nok's favorites actors to work with until Mark came along and it's rather sad that he has to play supporting to Mai Warit in that UMA production lakorn with Margie. Besides, Yaya once said that if she had the opportunity to work with any Thai actor, she'd want to act with Shakrit or Ken T. 
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  6. Jellyfish

    Jellyfish sarNie Hatchling

    After KC with Mark hope Yaya will be able to accept this one preferably with JamesM or Mario but if it's an older actor hope it's with KenT or Great.
  7. lovepapupi

    lovepapupi sarNie Hatchling


    Gun revealed 'Plick Fah' begin to shoot next year. 'Gun' waiting for Yaya's queue.
    Conceal that who's the main lead actors.

    'Gun' Sitthichok Plengpanich reveals that the new drama is postponed to begin to shoot in 2560 (2017) because he has to waiting for the script to be finished and waiting for main lead actress 'Yaya' Urassaya Sperbund. He concealed who's the main lead actors.

    "Actually it's delayed because the main point we want Yaya's queue. We are choosing the main lead actors (there are two main lead actors) we haven't confirmed who are they but with Yaya, we already talked to each other. The Chanel 3 was already checked. Now Yaya is shooting Lehlub and Likidruk which makes we have to begin to shoot in next year after P'Anne's lakorn finished.

    The script is really challenging for Yaya and we think that she's going to do it well. It's the script we write for her. This drama she has to do a lot of action scenes, she might be learned more about it. However, I think she can do it because Yaya is talented.

    For the other characters I can't answer that when it will be divisible. I will update this later because anything can happen." Gun said.

    Transated by urassaya.fanpage IG

    Original picture by pornpanr IG
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  8. saraokenim

    saraokenim sarNie Hatchling

    omg hopefully it will be James Ma. :naughty2:
    or Mario.
    KenT. KenP. :clap:
    or maybe a miracle and it could be Push :thumbup:
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  9. NY<3

    NY<3 sarNie Egg

    I've been wanting yaya to pair up with James Ma or push!!!!!!
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  10. chulie

    chulie sarNie Egg

    still james ma or great for me!!! drama gods!! make this happen!!
  11. yummy695

    yummy695 sarNie Egg

    I want mario, james ma or great
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  12. yummy695

    yummy695 sarNie Egg

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  13. Destinys

    Destinys sarNie Juvenile

    Seriously rooting for James Ma and Yaya to be together in this one. They've got such a close sibling bond in real life so I would personally love to see them onscreen together. Aren't they cute? I have a feeling that they'll have good chemistry with one another. With all his leading ladies, James has worked well with them all. Seeing that James is comfortable with Yaya, I can almost confirm that they'll be a great pairing. Please, please, please let it be them! :sad6::icon12:

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  14. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    If Yaya is going to be the N'ek for this lakorn I hope that she gets paired with other actors who haven't worked with her yet. I would love to see her with either James Ma, Ken T., Ken P., Mario Maurer. :)
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  15. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    Credits as tagged
    Just take it as a grain of salt I think it's just fan suggested lol.
    What do you think?
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  16. Rose Tran

    Rose Tran sarNie Hatchling

    Dream cast: Boya-Yario :woot: :woot:
    Credit: IG @pandorashots
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  17. doojhyo

    doojhyo sarNie Juvenile

    right now only james ma is free...he only filming sai tarn hua jai..is.there is possibility the actor would be james ma???
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  18. NY<3

    NY<3 sarNie Egg

    Anymore news on this lakorn. Have the actors been confirmed yet, i really want Yaya to be in it.
  19. cookiies

    cookiies sarNie Juvenile

    Yaya is confirm, but the actor is not confirm. A lot of people are saying that it might be mario and ananda, other people are saying it's jirayu and Nat ( not sure what he's name is)
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  20. siraphun

    siraphun sarNie Hatchling

    anybody but nadech lol but anyways, if only she was a tad bit shorter she wouldn't look overwhelming with the guy. her legs are really long. with heels, she's like mark's height in kc. anything taller than those heels, she'll be taller than the guys..like tom cruise and katie holmes.

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