[CH3] Plerng Naka (Mind Work) : Boy Pakorn / Preem Ranida / Aum Atichart

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  1. AumAX

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    Stupid ones!


    Before going to do something bad to N'ek, my Rai has to do some stretching in Naka cave first cos he is aged now...haha...
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    I really enjoyed JRL. I watched all the lakorn in just two days. At first I hated all with my heart Harit but I was in love with his little brother. He’s too cute. :icon12:.

    But after that Harin realized his mistake and tried to do anything to her so she can forget him. I loved that scene when he though that she was pregnacy with his baby. :pancarta: That’s was so funny and cute! :)

    Now I started the lakorn with Janie although I don’t like her too much but the storyline is just my type.

    I’m glad that you are enjoying SRNC. :p Smart? You mean Peach not? I know him but I never watched him in any drama until this lakorn. I love him with his pairing but I wanted for moment of them as Rita with Touch :p.
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    Yeah Peach ... haha, he was cute in there, sigh... I have beeen so busy lately that I am still stuck on ep 6 and all Meteor garden 2018 need to catch up... I have to watch SRNC this weekend since I like it the most right now. I really like Alex and his acting too, I feel his acting is more convinced and naturally good compare to some big names in his generation out there.

    I am so happy you enjoyed JRL, that was my first Thai lakorn ever and I really loved it. May be Roy Mai isn't your type but this one is also a recommendation whenever you have time.

    Like you the storyline of Dao Kiao Duen is my type too, however I really didn't feel any chemistry between Janie and Aum, sometime their moments were supposed to be sweet and romantic but turned out really awkward like zero feeling... hehe

    I watched it for Aum of course and I liked the character of his fiance'- or the girl who chased him to no end the most... haha... her character really cracked me up every time she appeared and did funny stuffs... lol... Anyway overall I still enjoyed the lakorn ...

    Try Maya Tawan too if you have time, Yaya and Aum also had slightly chemistry despite the ages, the drama was really okie to watch.

    Nothing new for Pleang Naka? Hmmm
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    Seriously Yard, your outfit on PN is so gorgeous...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Preem & Boy = cute


    By the way, @KitKat516 , can you please help me on this one?
    I press the translate button, and it said: new drama handing to Aum ?!
    I don't know if he was joking or it was a commercial shooting... or something else, that would be awesome if it is really a drama...

    Please see in spoiler. Hope I don't bother you, thank you so much! :icon12:

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    They were joking about the guy that is riding on the back of his bike. Nothing about lakorns.
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    Thank you :icon12:

    Hmm quite disappointed ... I like to see his cool looking like that in lakorn.:(
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  8. AumAX

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    @xdanavelvetx : I enjoyed SRNC a lot, thanks again for the recommendation. :icon12:

  9. SuzieJ

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    The pictures for this look good!
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  10. xdanavelvetx

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    I tried to watch Meteor Garden 2018 but I didn’t like after I saw few eps. Although I fell in love with the cast. They are so cute and lovely. My type.

    I really like Alek. His acting, his dimples, his smile. He really suited the puri character. Sorry for my bad english.

    I can watch any Lakorn. If it is good, that’s great.

    I really liked Dao Kiao Duen’s storyline. Aum here was so good and cute. I loved him playing that character. Only thing I didn’t like is about zero chemistry between Aum and Janie. But I enjoy the lakorn itself.

    If I had time, I will try Maya Tawan. :)
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  11. xdanavelvetx

    xdanavelvetx sarNie Hatchling

    I’m so happy that you enjoy it! :)
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  12. AumAX

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    These pictures are even better right?;)

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  13. AumAX

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    Wow, I think we might share some same thought on lakorns ... hehe :p

    I really like the chemistry between Rita and Thas ?! Forgot how to spell his name..hehe... For me they made a really lovely couple, I even feel their chemistry was the best among three couples.
    I like Alex' charming and his good acting. I will try to watch his other dramas after this one.

    Like you I feel zero chemistry between Aum & Janie... I hope you have time for Maya Tawan, although the storyline isn't the best but still its enjoyable imo, plus Aum and Yaya did have a little chemistry, I was quite supprised with it since Aum is much older than Yaya.

    Maybe its just me, but I feel like out of those co-stars, Aum had the best steamy chemistry with Bella, their love moments just simply made my heart melted, the lakorn wasn't everybody's cup of tea, I also had to patiently watched for Aum, he wasn't even good looking on that one, but the chemistry was so real and hot... :p

    Oh Meteor garden 2018, I am still stuck on the first few eps. I am fan of all versions before but this one really dissapoints me ... I still try to finish it later maybe... hehe
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    Nothing will ever beat HYD 2005/2007 jdrama for me
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  15. AumAX

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    The only version that I loved Dao Minh Si was the Taiwanese verion 2001. Yeah that version was so old and low budget but I really loved it, I even watched it after I got Japanese HYD's fever. Of course I only loved the 1st season of Meteor garden 2001, the 2nd drived me so mad that I skipped almost the entire series only watched the final 2 eps. I am still mad at how stupid they destroyed the story and the characters even now. :facepalm:

    Japanese HYD was my favorite obviously but only because I was so in love with Rui. It still hurts me everytime I think about it... haizzz... Although I loved Rui but I was Ok with the main couple unlike the Korean's version.

    I expected BOF would be good but it turned out another blah for me... hehe... I couldn't stand Jandi and even GJP, suprisingly I also liked Rui the most although KHJ's acting was so week. But still couldn't watch the last 2 eps cos it also hurted me to see another Rui being lonely at the end.

    Well I even liked the Chinese version better than BOF... haha...

    But 2018's version is the disappointment in term of acting. It lacks everything imo and zero chemistry so far. But I guess I still finish it ... hehe...
  16. xdanavelvetx

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    Everyday I’m so excited for this lakorn. Comesoon 2019! :)
  17. xdanavelvetx

    xdanavelvetx sarNie Hatchling

    Exactly what I think! :)

    I really loved Rita and Touch. In offscreen, they are so close. I hope they act together in other lakorn soon.

    I will watch his new lakorn with Patrica Good. She is one of my fav actress.

    I will give a try Maya Tawan but before I will watch Aum and Bella lakorn. I watched some cuts before and I liked it.

    Same here. I watched all Meteor Garden version but this one I didn’t enjoy it! :)
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  18. AumAX

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    Hihi, I am so excited too, but there is nothing much to update, I hope it will be a strong lakorn when it gets on air because it really shows some potential vibes so far.
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    I really like them, I like Rita's acting even more than Preem's, sometime the way Preem spoke her lines of dialogue made me feel so forced and unnatural like she tried to act the character, ... hihi hard for me to explain since my English is bad too.. :) but still I like her.

    Prepare yourself if you decide to give Plerng Chimplee a try. It requires a patience, the main couple also made some stupid decisions toward the end... and the annoyed side characters that I wanted to skip too... Aum looked aged in this, but Bella was simply stunning, I like her natural beauty without much make up, she seemed so young and fresh. Preak was so deep in love with nek that everytime he could be with her, slept with her, their problems just simply disappeared like they never existed... haha... :nut:

    If you try Maya Tawan, let me know how you feel... :)

    I need to find some good lakorns to kill the waiting time for this one, I prefer to watch finished dramas instead of waiting, if you like any other good dramas just recommend me again... thanks :)
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  20. SuzieJ

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    Have you watched Padiwarada? The main leads are Bella and James Ji. Its one of my favorite lakorns and lots of people really like it. Its about the main leads getting an arranged marriage.

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