[CH3] Plerng Naka (Mind Work) : Boy Pakorn / Preem Ranida / Aum Atichart

Discussion in 'Currently broadcasting & New Lakorn' started by snsdapple, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Koy123

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  2. jjinxx

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    wow I was not paying attention to this lakorn, then I saw the trailer with my man Aum playing paya nak! greeeet! I am in love with everything about Aum playing this role!
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  3. HNA0

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    All I can say is Aum is hot as hell
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  4. SuzieJ

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    This is being subbed by Muse :)
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  5. x0unerthanlater

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    Plerng Naka - Dragon's Fire

    Sounds nice! Aum as naka is hot. Expect shirtlessness galore! Lol
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  6. Rosi4

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    Aum will always be the best! He's intense and arresting & captivating & so stunning oh why did he stopped playing heroes...... he's got terrific chemistry with Nuernang in Plerng Chimplee.
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  7. THaiMovieLover

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    Omg Aum! He looks mysterious, fierce, and so handsome. I wish he played p'ek, but his role seems the most interesting! I can't wait to see this.
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  8. preetam

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    He is second to Boy...
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  9. Rosi4

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    Boy is of this generation, he's really quite alright in the serious roles; and he's been getting more handsome in some ways. But Aum! Long before Jam Loey Rak there's already been something about him - destined for great things as an actor. He can be quiet yet still deadly, funny yet maintain his dignity & aloofness. Not many actors can stay that way. I'm being biased I think but since he got married we hardly see him in leading roles (when Sean Connery, grey-haired & old, can still wrench your heart when he's put in a romantic light - movie Robin & Marian)
  10. missstaceythao

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    I'm just watching this for Preem lol.
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