[CH3] Piphob Himmaparn (Louis Scott & Yam Matira)


sarNie Adult
aw man, genre is fantasy adventure type where they go into another dimension...will still watch lol. Louis looks good
Although I love slap/kiss or romantic lakorn, lately I enjoy watching fantasy or action lakorns. Also I love all the casting. Louis, Yam, Nink and Krat. :p

Yes, Louis looks so good. This style suits him. :cheer:


sarNie OldFart
Yeah! I'm excited!
now, can we get a Boy & Chippy reunion too haha
Yeah I’m dying for a chippy and boy reunion lol

I’m happy Louis and Yam are pairing up again! They were my second favorite pairing in the My Hero Series


sarNie Adult
Any ideas on the storyline?
Damn, I would like to see Louis pair with Matt. Yeah, what’s the storyline for this?
I translated the book's synopsis!! :)

The story of Leo's adventure. A young man, a world who travels across the dimension when entering the Himmapan forest using a diamond sparkling sword, a powerful weapon. He must fight with the Garuda Thug and many gods but in that danger he met Mrs. Kinnaree, a beautiful woman and the young devil dragon is a companion. What is the conclusion of the adventure?