[Ch3] Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised, Kimmy Kimberley/James Ma, Pop Thagoon/Eye Kamolned


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You do not know how frustrated I was when Mark kept visiting James and Mint's lakorn, Mark only had like 3 seconds of screen time but he literally visited every week and everyone acted like he was the p'ek on the set and even at the opening ceremony of KCR he acted like the p'ek too. And the funny part is everytime he visits James suddenly disappears. I don't know but I just find it really disrespectful to James, like he is the one acting in this and as this is the end of this lakorn it should be a party with only the cast and crew... Even when Mark visits for this lakorn I find more pics of Mark than James and that's just sad.

can u explain why mark visit mint and james lakorn set?


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An English translation of the underwater scene:
"I Was doing my best for this job. It's not because I went to school with the producer, Anne Thong nor that James and Kim are popular.
But because I can feel that everybody was putting in their best efforts, lots of endurance and focus (not that the other producer and actor/actress doesn't do their best). But for this lakorn, underwater scene are very important. It's an emotional scene and filming happen at night when water is especially cooler. James and Kim needs to keep swimming non-stop, just to keep their body warm. They open their eyes in water for hours. Through we have salt water pool but it's still very irritating to their eyes. All pictures that I share is to share their commitment. I just want to show my support.
There was a time that Anne Thong went to Kim, who is still in the pool. She told Kim to come up and have a rest. "Your eyes had swollen. It's too much already. I'll come down and take your place. Next scene, We will be filming with light shining into the lens. Nobody can tell that it's me or you. "
Kim, who still had her eyes close, shook her face and said, "No, let me do it. I just need a short rest. "
I was standing there, thinking that this is like a short film in itself, with very impressive scripts. So I just like to share, being actress comes with commitment and lots of enduring. Many times, there are decisions to make. Should we go on? Or is it enough?
Anne is a good example for junior, both Kim and James, doing their best and get over the hardship."

cr: kim's fc

James and Kim are so dedicated! This is what I call a passion and hardwork for acting!

who write this???

Cupid Candy

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This was so much better than Joy and Pol's version. The changes I thought were appropriate and fitted to the lakorn more. Though this Mor Sattawat is only 10% better than Pol's version, both are relatively still quite stupid. Fast paced, each episode went somewhere and I was surprised that the lakorn actually came to a point where the pra'nang got along and got lovey dovey. Thank god Ch3 is more open with love scenes and kissing, the lakorn wouldn't have the same effect if it was partially cut like before.

Somika! While the old version's Som is a bitch, unapologetically a bitch even to the point of almost slapping p'ek's mom, she wasn't entirely psychotic or THAT evil. This one was anger inducing to watch since she is entirely psychotic and delusional and completely evil. That speech at the end where she asks what she did wrong for people to leave her was laughable. You freaking helped arrange to get your boyfriend's niece raped, thats why you got dumped. I guess they changed Som from being the girlfriend from the last version to being just a friend here helped make her more psychotic since Wat never gave her hope, always keeping her at an arm's length, though strangely he seemed more close to her after marriage which is problematic and made him more of an idiot. I don't think she paid enough, so what you can't see your dad for a few years, he's rich, he can arrange for something clever. You freaking hit a pregnant woman with a car and then whine and cry that you are the victim and what's even more angering is that she isn't doing it to manipulate Wat but she genuinely thinks that she is the victim. Kudos to Namcha for making me hate her.

All the characters had their depth despite some of their stupidity. Chaiya was well written, made the audience love and hate him at the same time and you are meant to see his entire depth. Nut did indeed give him hope, after all they were close in age and she was always overly physically close to him, especially at that dancing part, not something I would do to a family member who was close in age. I liked Pop with Eye, they are super cute. Wish they had more development with their love story, kind of felt thrown together at times.

James did well in this role. I've always thought of him as a great actor since his first lakorn, he's not what I would call eye candy for me but his acting lures you in. While he and Kim had chemistry I didn't think they were physically compatible but it didn't really distract from the lakorn much. I really liked the ending, any ending with a happy family is always a good one to me. Thanks Anne for changing the flaws of the old version and making this one a well rounded lakorn.


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This version Lakorn is still lacking though... Too much of a side characters... Maybe it's just me, but I still like Joy & Pol version more then James & Kim... It is still fun to watch the new version...


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I have watched the lakorn and i just loved it, i didn't know about the actors only Kimmy but i liked it, i think it's will be one of my favorite between the relationship between the characters of Kimmy & James was awesome.
I think i want to watch more lakorns with him and same for Pop (that i kinda liked)


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I've been having a hard time getting back into lakorn after Mint and Mario lakorn from last year, so I finally decided to give Kim and James a try. Now I am hooked! On my 9th Epson! Can't wait to see the ending!!!! I love Pop and Eye together!!!


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I'm finally finish watching PCKNMCPW and I got to say that i'm proud to be a fans of Kim who never fail to impress me as a actress. Glad she is gaining more experiences along the way. Support her no matter what. Once a fan always a fan!

First of all and why is take me so long to finish this lakorn is that lately Thai Lakorn is not my cup of tea any more and I kind of switch to K-drama...certain k-drama lol (Goblin) but any ways I actually happy that I decided to come back and finish this lakorn. My first reason was that i hate waiting and so i decided to chill back but when I chill back i start lacking and once that become a habit i stop watching, knowing that it will always be there for me to watch as time goes on lol!

This lakorn have a lot of good time and bad time. Noot seem to be like a bipolar woman who one day seem happy than the other day she seem mean/mad lol. I hate that Noot trust and love for Mor Wat is easily break. If she claim to love Mor Wat as much as she do than please have more trust. Of course this is just my opinion but seriously why do she believe other words more than her own husband. I mean don't completely be fool and believed him but at least investigated to see if what others are saying is true or false. You are grow woman and you should know what right and what wrong. Here are my reasaon to Noot...
1. Envy from others may caused rumors that will break a marriage :(:(
2. Never say never but at least don't trust those that are closest to you because they are the one who always turn back and stab you :crybaby2::crybaby2:
3. You know that this woman (Somika) like your husband and will do everything to get him out of your life but fell for her trap? I don't get it how Noot did not see it through o_Oo_O

Now this is for Mor Wat

1. You know better that Somika is a dangerous woman and every time you're around her make you and Noot marriage life shakes but why in the world do you always let her walks into your life :mad::mad:
2. Why are you not learning from your mistake? Like seriously! :BangHead::BangHead:

1. Why do you keep trying when a guy repetitively telling you that he does not love you?
2. Love is not a game because you might end up hurting yourself
3. Dude give up already! He a married man and he no longer available! :mad::mad:

Over all I love this lakorn a lot...Kimmy did a wonderful job as always and as for James Ma, he sure did a wonderful job as well and I ship James Ma with Kim too. The two are wonderfully cute together. Glad to see they have a kid together and the baby is adorably cute!

Best quote from the lakorn and thank for the subbing teams! :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12:

"If you think you'll only have happiness in marriage then it means that you're not accepting the reality of lie. You aren't even prefect and how can you expect for other to be and completely fulfill you life?" - From Noot's father :):)


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It's 2017 and now I'm watching Kluen Cheevit (Mark & Yaya lakorn)...but still i'm stuck watching Piang Chai (James Ma & Kim lakorn)...OMG how much i adore this lakorn, i rewatched it again and again. Teasing scenes, bickering scenes, and sweet scenes are so good. Next lakorn to watch is Kim & James Jirayu lakorn Buang Hong...hope this will be a good lakorn too... Kim's next lakorn is with Mark...sigh...more Kim with James Ma I hope...


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It's 2017 and now I'm watching Kluen Cheevit (Mark & Yaya lakorn)...but still i'm stuck watching Piang Chai (James Ma & Kim lakorn)...OMG how much i adore this lakorn, i rewatched it again and again. Teasing scenes, bickering scenes, and sweet scenes are so good. Next lakorn to watch is Kim & James Jirayu lakorn Buang Hong...hope this will be a good lakorn too... Kim's next lakorn is with Mark...sigh...more Kim with James Ma I hope...

right its sooo good..me too..stuck with it..
always replaying it...i also hope there will be more james ma and kim together in lakorn ..hope we can see tht in future...


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"Married but Available" :risas3:
Lol I love the way Mor teases Nuth sometimes especially when he handed her the check and said "your favorite" subtle but funny.


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woooow this lakorn is on rerun and in this latest episode on friday they reach 2.5 it's almost near the rating of the prime lakorn