[CH3] Petchakard Jun Jao (minds_at_work) : Great Warintorn / Yam Matira


Bolo Tara rara.. Bolo Tara rara..
Great Warintorn and Yam Matira to come together for a new lakorn which will be aired in 2021.

This upcoming TV drama titled “Petchakard Jun Jao” is reportedly a new script.

It isn’t adapted from the popular novel as other Thai TV dramas.

Source: Daradaily


sarNie OldFart
Yay!! I like Great and Yam! Hope it’s a good storyline!!

edit: I actually want to see Yam pair up with Mai, but getting to see her with Great is also good. Yam has only been paired up with older actors since the start of her career.
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sarNie Oldmaid
Great always gets the youngins but I don't mind Yam. I noticed she's getting more work so good for her. I wonder what this is about.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yeah, but I don’t think Yam has paired up with any actors her age. I want to see her pair up with Pon.
So true. She’s pairing up with Ryu now but he’s like four years younger than her. He’s born in 2000. But yes, they need to put her up with younger people! Her and Pon would be cute!