[CH3] Nang Barp (Duang Malee Manee Jun) : Top Jaron/ Yiwah Preeyakarn/ Donut Manasnan

Discussion in '2018' started by Maricon, May 3, 2017.

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    Could you share it?
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    Thanks! I appreciate it.
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    Okay so Donut and Jaja obviously shine in this lakorn. I almost forgot how great Donut is and I really want to see more of her onscreen but oh well...I take what I can get. Love her as nang'rai. Jaja's skills are also superb. She's crazy for Ton and I think she really helped Kiak (the actor who plays Ton) bring out his character because when Kiak first debuted in lakorn world, the guy was so darn stiff!!! Even in some parts of this lakorn, he isn't very convincing but in episode 11 when Phalai (Jaja's character) went all cuckoo, he was able to deliver his lines in a more convincing tone.
    As for the actress who plays Yard, Fai, she needs practice. Lol. I remember watching the old version where Ae played Yard and she made me cry in nearly every scene. Fai is too...unnatural.
    Now for pra'ek and nang'ek... love Top as Parn. That's it. I've never seen Yiwah before but she honestly proved me wrong. I like how they made her character more soft in here than they did in the old one.
    And Navin is just handsome. Lol.
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    Agreed! Fai doesn't make Yard's character stand out at all, her acting is a lot weaker than others, but her character is really significant. If I didn't know who she was, I would think she wasn't that big a character.

    Top is just soooo.....he's been in my dreams lately lols
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    what's up with the ending to ep. 11? On ch3's youtube channel, it just ended during the conversation with Yot and the monk, so I'm assuming there's going to be an ep 12?
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    I’m so confused with the ending (I don’t understand Thai)....can someone help explain what’s up with the last scene where the mom and yard came back from the graves and then I’m guessing the recincarnated yard on top of that building?

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