[CH3] My Love From the Stars (Broadcast Thai Television) : Nadech Kugimiya / Matt Peranee

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  1. xodxo

    xodxo sarNie Adult

    I find the casts in here kind of bizarre lol but since it's broadcast I'm kind of hopeful lol
  2. preetam

    preetam sarNie Adult

    Hopefully this lakorn won't be another rak nakara in terms of hype and then reception. Please give me great quality
  3. Lyly_isthebest

    Lyly_isthebest sarNie Juvenile

    oh really?? i thought she got sunburnt from going to the beach or something but anyways hope its nothing serious. honestly did not know photoshoot lighting could do that.
  4. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    Someone briefly commented in English on Matt's IG comment section saying a spotlight that was used for a photo-shoot burned her & also impacted her eyes too which is why she's wearing sunglasses. I don't think it's too severe in the sense that she was out having dinner with her group of friends a day or so after. I'm wishing her a speedy recovery though & whoever she had shot with I hope they take precautions with what type of lighting they use in the future.

    Regardless of who got cast in here, there is no doubt it would've been hyped up since it's the Channels first ever Korean drama remake. I just really hope they're able to back it up (I know I sound repetitive lol).
  5. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    I also thought she got sunburned, but some of the comments on IG didn't say that. Yes, some of the big manual lighting can burn you. Those big clap lights you see on movie sets sometimes are used in photography. Thanks, @x.ATKD.x for clarifying. Yeah, Matt doesn't look too serve, but if they're not careful, people can get hurt badly on set.
  6. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    Came across this on IG, don't know if it contains new info or not ...
    (cr: pornpanr)
  7. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    While we wait ...
    22220910_1696411390418048_7622560429109149696_n.jpg 22220905_1994273790848598_2376891500685426688_n.jpg 22280821_725410770978619_1295563978461675520_n.jpg 22344517_1728656927158345_2704535730855608320_n.jpg

    (cr: verasalonmaison & mos.boutique)

    - Matt went LIVE on her FB last night (video) & she looks to have fully recovered. I don't spot redness anymore, plus no more sunglasses & she's wearing hooped earrings.
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  8. Lyly_isthebest

    Lyly_isthebest sarNie Juvenile

    It’s great to know that’s matt is good again, was a bit worried for her.
    I’m getting a bit impatient waiting for this to start lol. Nadech hasn’t been active lately which, as a hardcore fan of his, I’m going a bit crazy lol.

    I kind of wish that matt and nadech did a romantic boran type lakorn...maybe after this they will work together again in that type of lakorn :)
  9. Vimalee

    Vimalee Live Love Laugh

    Nothing new.
    I've translated a similar article.

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  10. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I can totally see Matt in this role. .. I'm currently sorta watching the k-version
  11. PrincessKarina

    PrincessKarina sarNie Adult

    I saw bits and pieces of the Pinoy version. Uh the lead actor was kind of cute but he was awfully stiff. I actually didn't mind his long hair though! Plus he is a new debutant. The lead actress projected a very extreme annoying personality (more so than the Korean original). It turned me off! But you bet they kept many of the kissing original scenes! Filipino actresses and actors also kiss way more naturally than Thai stars! Hopefully the Thai version won't disappoint us too much!
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  12. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan sarNie Oldmaid

    Same but i’m scared I might like it too much and hate this one lol.
  13. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    Came across this picture from yesterday's Memorial Ceremony for the Late King:
    (cr: belovedjma)

    - Lower your expectations everyone lol.
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  14. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Adult

    It went over my head, I don't get it? :)

    Do tell...:pancarta:
  15. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I'm ok w/ the K -version...I'm not hook to finish it in 1 day... I'm on ep 6? Been about a week lol
  16. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    I wasn't making a joke lol. It's better to start off low than it to be sky high expctations (just to avoid disappointment).

    For real though I don't think the Kdrama would've been as well loved if it wasn't for JJH.
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  17. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Adult

    Oh I see. I thought maybe there was something going on in the picture :).
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  18. Tanya

    Tanya sarNie Egg

    Anything about the start of shooting? Or did it already start?
  19. Tanya

    Tanya sarNie Egg

    I really thought I was the only one! I don't know, I've heard so many good things about the Kdrama, but it just didn't hook me. I've had it on hold at ep 4 since a long time.
    But I'm still excited about this (Thai remake) one!
  20. poobae91

    poobae91 sarNie Adult

    I dropped at ep 4 or 6 hehe

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