[CH3] My Love From the Stars (Broadcast Thai Television) : Nadech Kugimiya / Matt Peranee

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    Lol, that’s likely will happen.
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    Thai lakorn specialty lol
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  5. x0unerthanlater

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    Makes me wonder... if they sold rights to China how will they edit the fact that p'ek is an Alien. China bans Aliens, Goblins etc. That is, p'ek still is an Alien right?
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  6. phatman

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    Haha. Oh right. They've also banned time traveling.

    Might as well wait for that darn rerun.
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  7. SuzieJ

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    That’s why I’m wondering how this is gonna work out. They ban those types of things so idk what would be left of the lakorn lol
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  8. Koy123

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    Alien he their main theme, how they gonna ban that? Makes no sense to air in China if they just gonna ban that.
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  9. x0unerthanlater

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    So maybe it's China that's stalling the airing. If they have to edit a lot out, it'll take some time.

    Yeah, that's why I'm surprised to hear China even bought rights for the lakorn.
  10. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    This lakorn is gonna go down the drain if China is doing all the editing.
    It’s all Matt fault. ;) :risas3:
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  11. x0unerthanlater

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    They'll probably describe p'ek as like a superhuman or a man from the future with exemplary powers. After all, they can dub or sub to their liking.
  12. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Lol, but Thai are gonna get the same editing when it airs?
  13. x0unerthanlater

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    Not sure how they're going to edit this in all honesty. I know Thailand doesn't ban Aliens and they did mention they're going to try to stick to the original as much as possible. So the real question is, are both countries going to air at the same time? Maybe it is about the controversy or maybe it's about editing. I think it's both though. So far, no news has been released (not that I know of) about the lakorn.
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  14. ntsparta

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    Not sure where you get that news, but China never bans aliens on TV or in movies. I ask my Chinese friend and she said she heard nothing about that rule.

    I know the latest Starwars movies was allowed to show in China in May 2018. Avatar was pulled out of theatres after 2 weeks of screening, not be cause of Alien theme, but because it did too well at the box office that the government was afraid it would financially damage local competitors. Plus, the story was about the uprising of a minority ethnic group, whose example China don't want to spread.

    I think we can safely say that Doo Min Joon is a civilized alien that won't be a threath to China.

    About the question when this lakorn is going to be shown and whether it is shown simultaneous in both Thailand and China, Nadech has answered here from the 6:09 minute mark

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  15. Koy123

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    Oh I’ve been seeing people saying that China ban Alien movies there so I thought thet’ll Edit the heck out of they. Good to hear they don’t ban that. I remember Stephen Chow movie, CJ7, about aliens did fairly well. So what did Nadech say in his interview??
  16. x0unerthanlater

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    I mentioned the ban on Aliens in China because I remember hearing it on one of the Thai news. Can't remember which.

    I could have been mistaken, it was a while ago. There are several odd things they ban. Like there was a scene in Men In Black they edited out. It was an Alien restaurant owner, who was a villain. That's probably why I assume Aliens were banned. I'll look up the exact source if anyone is inclined on it. ** The source for the Thai news will probably be impossible to find, since this was years ago**

    But here's the source for banned films and edited films: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Film_censorship_in_China

    They do however ban time traveling. Which, our p'ek does.
    Source for time travel ban theme in Chinese TV: https://www-m.cnn.com/2016/08/31/asia/china-banned-on-tv-censorship/index.html?r=https://amp-cnn-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2016/08/31/asia/china-banned-on-tv-censorship/index.html?amp_js_v=0.1&usqp=mq331AQECAEoAQ%3D%3D
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  17. byebye

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    I was going to say, they do somewhat ban time traveling. Because Legend of Yunxi, the n'ek was a time traveler but the writer had to omit that part out because of the restriction on time traveling.
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  18. preetam

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    Yeah that drama ! I ended up only focusing on the male lead and Consort Qing. Female lead is too annoying
  19. ntsparta

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    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the main character of this MLFAS lakorn didn’t travel back in time (which is banned on China TV). He only lives long, 400 years or so on Earth. So I think this is fine.

    The alien in Men In Black was edited out because he disguised himself as a bad Chinese.

    Well, let’s see. I’m sure China will edit the hell out of it.
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  20. x0unerthanlater

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    Would stopping time to go from one place to another be considered time travel?

    Technically time is infinite but he's able to freeze ppl and things for a few minutes.

    At this point they're not saying why it's been pushed out further except the producer says they're still editing.

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