[CH3] Mr. Merman (Maker K) : Kiakk Wattikorn/ Boat Tara/ Best Vichayut/ Whan Phulita

Discussion in '2018' started by Maricon, Nov 3, 2016.

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    not a horrible looking cast
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    I don't think there a thread for this lakorn yet. If there is let me know.

    This lakorn was film in 2016. Its about to air soon. The ost is out.

    Here is the cast:

    The guys:
    Kiakk Wattikorn
    Boat Tara
    Best Vichayut

    The girl:
    Whan Phulita
    Namnung S
    Mint Nutwara

    The OST:
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    Is this an evening Lakorn?
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    Yes its an evening lakorn.

    I think its going to replace Pop and Bau lakorn.
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    @alissaax isn’t the girl, standing next to the guy in the brown leather jacket in the picture, the girl from Broken(Alek/Ja’s lakorn)? She’s all grown up now.
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  10. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Omg it is, shes paired with with Kiak.:love::love::love:

    The girls look all similar!!
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    Yeah the girls does look similar. The Preview doesn’t look so bad. Might give it a try. Hehe
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    This is airing now. I wonder how nangek will keep teaching Kids how to swim once she turns into a mermaid
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    The main gal looks cute.
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    I find Best and Namnung's pairing too cute. The lakorn is actually more interesting than I thought.
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    Hi....anybody know what's the synopsis? The 3 main characters/couples?

  16. tweedaly

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    I don't know the whole synopsis, but I can give you what I know from what I've watched.
    There are these two scientists that are trying to find evidence to prove that mer-people are real. They are working with Mint's character to find more information/evidence. The three male leads, who are all mermen, are trying to figure out whom the two scientists are and why they want to prove that mer-people are real. So they are doing some investigating. That's probably the main plot and now off to the subplots or the couples.

    About the couples:
    So the main couple (the couple in the middle in the photo above) we have Talay (played by Boat) and Fahfon (played by Whan). There was a party on a yacht and Fahfon fell into the water and Talay jumped in to save her. While underwater he kissed her, but he was probably trying to breathe air into her mouth, either way their lips touched causing a bright light kind of reaction. Apparently, if a merman (in this case) kisses someone on the lips, the person they kissed will turn into a mermaid. So Fahfon turns into a mermaid and Talay is in charge of her by helping her understand more about mer-people and making sure she doesn't expose their secret. Fahfon also finds out that since she was turned into a mermaid she only has a few months left until she turns into sea foam.

    The couple on the far right, we have Payu (played by Kiak) and Pim/Khaofang (played by Parisaya). Payu and Pim were lovers, he accidentally kissed her causing her to turn into a mermaid. After some time Pim turned into seafoam, like she died/dissipated. On the day of the yacht party, Payu spotted someone who looked exactly like Pim. That person turned out to be Khaofang. Payu wanted to get closer to her and see if she's really Pim or not. Payu finds out that Khaofang is suffering from amnesia and tries to help her regain her lost memories, in hopes that she is really Pim.

    The couple on the far left are Plangton (played by Best) and Ploysai (played by Namnung). Out of the three male leads Plangton is the youngest. He owns a café and I want to say he's popular among girls but he's not a player or anything. Ploysai happens to be one of those girls who has her eyes on Plangton. She's older than him and makes it pretty obvious she likes him. Plangton on the other hand tries his best to not fall for her after Payu warned him. But nothing will stop Ploysai from making him fall for her.

    Here's some background info. Fahfon and Ploysai are best friends. The three male leads (Talay, Payu, and Plangton) are not brothers. I thought they were but it doesn't seem like it. The are two ways that will cause them to turn into their merman/mermaid form. One, is if they come into contact with sea water or water from the ocean. 2, is each merman/mermaid has a weakness that will automatically cause them to transform.
    Everytime Fahfon is startle or frighten she will turn into a mermaid. For Talay, I think if he comes close to a woman more than necessary he'll turn into a merman. Plangton's weakness is sneezing. And as for Payu, I'm not quite sure but possibly bright flashes aimed towards his eyes.
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    Oh wow! Thank u so much ka... so funny how Talay will turn into a merman when too much in contact with a woman? Its like he has a phobia or an allergy.

    I watched e recent episodes...the two scientists were in their school uniforms when they 1st saw a merman. Does that mean Talay n his mer friends have longevity?

    Why are their bloods blue coloured? Does Fahfon also have blue blood?

    Khaofang already turned into bubbles. Now she is amnesiac n alive??? So confusing.

    Are there other more mermans than these three? Oooohhhhh I wish somebody is willing to subs these episodes so that I won't trouble you with these questions.
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    It's no trouble. I will try to answer the best I can. I wish somebody would sub it too. So the way a merman/mermaid age is different from humans. From what I understood is that 10 years in human age=1 year in mermaid age. Merman/mermaid has blue blood, their blood color is different and because of that they have to be extra careful to not harm themselves to the point of bleeding or else people will become suspicious. I don't know if there are other mermen/mermaids or not. Also, Plangton figured out that the two scientists were his past classmates way back in 1994. There was the flashback that Plangton had back in episode 14 (I think?) where he bumped into the two guys (who turned out to be the two scientists) as he was running to the bathroom before he transformed. Ever since that incident, those two guys have been trying to prove that mer-people are real.
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    Saw the recent episode. Poor Fahfon...she's not changing into a mermaid! So is she going to turn into bubbles soon??
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    And who is that woman forced to be a guinea pig? That scientist is sooooo evil willing to play with human lives

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