[Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)



โฬม พัชฏะ - ชมพู่ อารยา (เมียหลวง) - ตอง ภัครมัย (เมียน้อย)

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rome patchata / chompoo araya / tong pakaramai (concubine)

khoasod newspaper ( Nov 16th ,2010 )
Title: Mia Teng เมียเเต่ง
Info: OHO Magazine and


Hope nothings change >.<


Staff member
gosh, i was hoping for a different n'ek :(
i like cherry and mart but i don't think they're suit for this role.
i want to see Taew/Margie/Matt in here with a new p'ek too--wanna see POP act this role ^^


sarNie Coma
im glad to see mart/cherry together again but when i found out that n'ek suppose to be weak i dont think cherry suit the role. she isnt convincing when shes in those type of role.

i know alot of us is gonna like the storyline especially since theres a "R" scene lol.


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Wow wow whoa? Mia Tang? Omg it was one of my favorite Ning's lakorn. The R scene was too aggressive though =/. The nang'ek was weak, but she was strong on some levels. Mart and Cherry? Wow interesting pair


sarNie Tombstone
Wow reunited onscreen couple. So excited. If Mart reunited with Cherry is there a chance that the others of Cherry's
co-star will reunited too. Ken will be a good choice because so disappointed about Sadtroo Saneha.


sarNie Adult
awww...Mart & Cherry!!!! i loved them in MKKW so much, so i'm excited to know that they are reunited for this lakorn. i hope no changes too & that they are confirmed. wow, R scene! i don't think cherry has ever done an R scene before (correct me if i'm wrong). this is going to be very interesting. :D

i think cherry can pull the nice/weak role very well. her lakorn with kong, she acted great as the weak n'ek in there. although i love to see her act mean & tough rather than nice & weak. :p

i feel the same as you Alice regarding ken & cherry. i really wanted them to reunite too since they are no longer together in Sadtroo Saneha.


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Tina, it's one of my favorite too .. i like that Ning's playing hard to get -- but like you, it's hard to picture Cherry in this role i prefer a n'ek who can be soft and vulnerable but HARD head when it sting bad.


sarNie Adult
AWWWWW I hope we get some confirmation soon! Loved them in MKKW, also noticed its the same production company too

I think cherry is an awesome choice for this role she has had past experiences in similar roles to this for instance:

* Ruen mai see beige with Andrew G she was sooo submissive towards pek, wasnt fiesty or anything.
*Kaew Tah Pee with Tik very innocent and boy was she weak! but nontheless she did a very convincing job.
*Rai Rissaya with Aum A, in the beginning she was an innocent and soft character, never back chat even though she knew she was never at fault.
* Thepubuet Nai Fun with Kong, this was set back in the time and cherry's character was one where she was a pushover and a crier too...

All the above cherry portrayed her roles awesomly.....would love to see more of her works, so hope this is true


sarNie Adult
remake lakorn again. man i love dis lakorn but i wanna c new lakorn, not remake lakorn though. i love to c mart and cherry again too. i dunno y rite now they like to remake old lakorn all the time. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i love to c new lakorn n new story lols............

anyways love to c mart n cherry act together again.


I just finally remember which lakorn this was when some of you gals mention Ning and Chatchai. -I'm super slow when it comes to remakes. LOL.- But anyways, in Ning and Chatchai's version. Yes, indeed the n'ek was VERY weak. Cherry's one of my favorite n'ek and I love that girl. I agree with some of you gals. It's guna be kinda hard to picture Cherry in this kinda role. Maybe cus I'm more used of her being the tomboy type? Most of her lakorns that I've seen is with her being a tomboy too. I guess just gotta wait and see how well she can pull of this role...



We Admin of Smart FC (I and another admin) will tell everybody the next update from pi mart about this drama, he will accept it or not near at the end of the year.

can not confirmed it of himself
because he is very busy with his drama Plerng See Roong... it is closing soon.^-^


sarNie Adult
Im just glad that cherry and mart were their choices just hope they will wait for them and not choose another pairing hastly!


sarNie Adult
This is the one with Ning/Chatchai wasn't it? Chatchai played a drunk lazy player or something and that's why his mom wanted him to marry Ning to shape him up. But he didn't want to marry her. I forgot why Ning agreed with the marriage. He fell in love with her pretty early but there was a lot of misunderstandings with the n'rai and Ning's ex.


sarNie Granny
the n'k in the old version wasn't weak , she was stubborn and have to much pride , so yeah there was an r' scene , why is it that Chatchai alway play the drunken playboy ? They were getting along fine until the n'rai show up claiming to be pregnant, therefore the n'k give up her husband as a charity toward the mistress foundation :lol: