[CH3] Mae Khong Paen Din Series : Prateep Ruk Haeng Huajai (Feel Good)


sarNie Adult
Maylada a hi-so girl who is beauty and fabulous. She have to meet turn point that is her marriage cancel, and her father die.
Her unlucky isn't over when she was treated by creditor that she have pay a debt in one month.
Mother and her must move to Ayudhaya for hiding. Hi-so girl become underdog, and be insulted that worthless more than scarecrow.
She have to prove herself for deleting comtempt. She is helped by Pongkhun a farmhouse guy who she hate. He suggest her for better way.
Her new life and love is divisible, but her ex lover come back, and he will make her life as same like a past.
Will she back to hi-so girl in city or being sweetheart of farmhouse guy ??? only her heart can answer this.
Opening Ceremony 
Cr. Manager







He's cute but the nangek is uhmmm....yah. Lol

Namnung should have been the nangek instead. Ch3 has too many newbies. I stopped keeping up w.em.


sarNie Oldmaid
I wish they pair him up with Tara from Mew and Mai's lakorn. She's super cute.


Out of all the series, I would have saw potential in this one if only the pra'nangs were swap. The main guy is cuteeeee