[Ch3] Lom Son Ruk (Feel Good)


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
thanks Pam!
awww! Pranon is such a sweetheart! He likes her already! And he his treating her with a lot of attention and care so Pat can't help falling for him too.
:) Very cute. I hope we get more and more cute scenes.


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Wow, thanks a bunch Pam, you are too wonderful!! can i save these translated chapters? i shall read it later after the lakorn, i dont want my imagination running more wild ehhe but only one question, is taew's character going to be unreasonably mean to nadech?
Just when I am being a little pouty towards nadech (his drama always bring dramas affecting my girl), this video made me laugh so hard, it is only the eng sub version of what pinky3 posted. cr: [email protected]


 Dai laew, so behind all the sweet pics, taew had to withstand nadech's water bug breath LOL are you trying to scare away all the girls ha nadech? he didnt even have enough money to buy there and still wanted to buy some home, too cute!!

@moonchild, do you have a bigger version of your dp? i've never seen it before, i really like it, love his smirk there  :pervie:


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thanks pink for sharing! I like diana flipo :) I think she has potential from ae's new kids


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Just the name of p'ae irks me, let alone his face and famous pose  :yuck: . But nadech owns him so much gratitude that is hard for him to escape, you can pay back the gratitude for the rest of your life and no-one would say anything, but once you leave, you will still be known as a traitor. Every time nadech says he is at p'aes house and they have alot of newbies there, i feel so uneasy. I js envisage this house full of girls (hehe have no idea why), and rumors are bound to follow (eg this new nan girl) i still haunted from the veta ad girl's drama. P'ae looks to be like a really dangerous person, he can bring you to fame, but can def bring you down too, i'm so worried for my boy 
Hehe enough of my rambling, a pic of this dimpled smile to brighten up the thread

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Thank you so much Poopam for the translation. You always spoil Nadech and Yaya's fans with your hard work. ^^

The storyline sounds good even if I am not a fan of twins Lakorn but hey, it is two Nadech so I can handle that ! Haha ... I think the pairings are really cute together. Nadech had a lot of chemistry with Taew at the fittings so I hope it will stay that way for the Lakorn,


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MoonChild said:
More Padech!   Glad that they are gonna make Pat's role bigger than in the book.

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WHOA, Pat and Nadech look GREAT together.  She's actually really pretty and her/Nadech both got matching dimples too!  LOL.  I wouldn't mind if these 2 become the new koo jin.  We need some change in the Thai ET industry.  In my opinion, Nadech looks better with Pat than with Taew.
I'm glad that Pat got the opportunity to finally pair up with superstar like Nadech.  Can't wait to watch this!


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so Nadech is paired up with Pat this year? What a change lol they both looked so beautiful on that split second they appeared in 
Must say Taew was so eye candy on it as well. 


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It's sorta cute how he calls Taew "P" :)
It sounds so endearing.
He's like, "Were you surprised or did you like it P'Taew?"
Thok Jai = Surprised & Thit Jai = Like it