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  1. Elena_NY

    Elena_NY ❤️ NY

    Does anyone know if NY back home or not yet ?
  2. NY already in BKK dear.....then Yaya was filminng already i think NY been away for 3 days and 4 nights in HK only just a short break alone together for the first time:love::icon12::naughty2: i guess NY celebrated DJA anniversary as the beginning of their real life romance:love::icon12::naughty2::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:
  3. yayayaya

    yayayaya sarNie Hatchling

    And no airport pictures ???!!!

    Do they have some invisible power or what???

    How can they bypass NY fans there’s so many?!!!
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  4. Elena_NY

    Elena_NY ❤️ NY

    3 days and 4 nights ? :confused12:Or 4 days and 3 nights?
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  5. Rita

    Rita Nadech <3

    we're almost at 1000 page. let's keep it rolling.

    but seriously, how did no one take a snapshot of NY when they were traveling in HK?
  6. because it's a secret travel no announcement made and they travel alone if MKeaw was with them then automatically more IG posts will appear
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  7. who cares which is which the most important is NY traveled together ALONE:love::naughty2: for the first time and it's CONFIRMED:love: that made us NOT DELUSIONAL:love::icon12::naughty2:

    I wish to see Nadech in Norway joining the Sperbund family meeting the father's side of Yaya:love::icon12::naughty2:
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  8. Elena_NY

    Elena_NY ❤️ NY

    The reason that there was no pic of NY at the airport, probably nyfc don’t want NY’s private trip to be on headlines. They know that the reporters are like hunters, they will kill NY during interview by asking brutal questions badly and afterthat they will make it on headlines like rain and storm. That’s what I hate the most :BangHead:

    I prefer to see their private trip together in low profile like this, just feel fin quietly that’s enough :icon12:
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  9. Siti Hardianti

    Siti Hardianti sarNie Juvenile

    yaya maybe seems touchy with other guys but it was because she is affectionate person, at first i also didnt really like it but now i realize that is just her personality and she know how to keep her boundary especially if nadech was there, like in the award show even if there is mark or sunny, she only greet and hug them and will be talking all the time with her more than boyfriend "nadech", thats why i start to see it in positive ways, also if with other people she seems that touchy imagine how she gonna treat nadech as her sweetheart thats make nadech love her so much even with all the haters trying to break them apart
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  10. Siti Hardianti

    Siti Hardianti sarNie Juvenile

    she always love him, there are alot of moment where she show it
    1. when yaya said that nadech like to stick his gummy in her arms when they filming lakorn together, everyone in 3zaap said it was disgusting but yaya defend nadech saying that is because he like to share everything
    2. when nadech fart while filming lakorn, everybody will getting angry and step away from him but yaya will always staying there with him even she said the smell really stinky
    3. when yaya legs hurt because of jellyfish stings, she didnt stop her performance in "give me 5 concert" because she know how meaningful that concert for nadech
    4. nadech always tease her all the time, even i feel quite annoyed seeing that, but yaya always be patience with him because its nadech personality "playfull and cheeky"
    5. thats why nadech always said thank you to yaya for always staying with him though everything
    6. yaya real personality really like an ANGEL where you couldnt found the flaws even nadech said whoever know yaya will fall in love with her
    *so stop judging their personality when their ownself accept who they are, nobody perfect but they always perfect for each other because they complete each other

    Happy Anniversary Duangjai Akkanee
    hqdefault (1).jpg
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  11. Nadechlover

    Nadechlover sarNie Hatchling

    Nonono, she just wants to attract the fans, she loves Mark the most, she kisses him affectionately in the lakorn, so enjoy
  12. Nadechlover

    Nadechlover sarNie Hatchling

    That's why so many people ship her with mark saying they are true love because their chemistry onscreen and off screen so real, that's why she doesn't want to marry nadech because she wants to wait for Mark to marry her
  13. Elena_NY

    Elena_NY ❤️ NY

    I’m not getting familiar with Nadech wearing long earring like that :risas3:


    Cr. on pic
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  14. Lee_247

    Lee_247 sarNie Egg

    I wanna pull that earing.
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  15. Siti Hardianti

    Siti Hardianti sarNie Juvenile

    in real life, yaya never have that chemistry with mark, they only friends, she even ignore him when they are on same award show, if you think yaya didnt deserve nadech, then in your opinion who is the most compatible for nadech?
  16. Nadechlover

    Nadechlover sarNie Hatchling

    Her eyes always have Mark, she even ignores Na when Mark is around
  17. Nadechlover

    Nadechlover sarNie Hatchling

    She acts intimate scenes with Mark so natural but with Nadech, she is so stiff
  18. farfalla

    farfalla sarNie Hatchling

    Me tooo not feeling his decision to get an ear piercing. Hope he regrets it one day and stop wearing that.
  19. Lyly_isthebest

    Lyly_isthebest sarNie Adult

    Wow we've got some toxic people in here....

    Here's a pic of na giving ZeRo Fs about ur problems Instagram_keaw_jung_43475252_1906369449481892_1589244092483098473_n.jpg
  20. nmphuong

    nmphuong sarNie Egg

    Haha. I'm always silent reader but she makes me laugh so much. Before she linked Yaya with Nickhun, now she turns on Mark, poor guys. I feel that she thinks she is the only girl loves Na in the world, there's no girl deserved to Na, but who care a Chinese girl with crazy mind.
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