[CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

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    True Facts. People were saying Nadech didn't even need to shed tears and you know how much pain Davin was in hahahahaha NY gained a lot of new fans from LR for sure and that's Thai fans. If your sjdk site wasn't down at this time I think a lot more inter fans would be hooked too ahhahaa and LR isn't like AMAZING I'm surprised it's good enough for a lot of people. There are people who are legitimately in love with LR ahahaah I think LLSR brought out some interesting acting from them too, I even prefer Yaya more than Nadech in that. But both played Davin and Alice to a T and this storyline is more appealing than LLSR so a lot more prejudice people got flipped from LR ahahhaa. People love Nadech in a uniform and Yaya is meant to be a princess. I think a lot of people want them in a slap kiss next coz there's always skinship... which yeah I mean if you've seen GRGR there was plenty of that and those scenes were hot. People want like sawan bieng status which is cheap... that lakorn is not gonna work in this era plus the Anne and Ken version isn't really how the true SB plot is so you have to be careful who handles that script too and you can see that they don't do those R-scenes no mo! Even lakornthai the king in this genre backed away... RS, I hate to say it if they kept the r-scene and followed the novel, the lakorn would've been 100x better ahahhaa But like the feedback on Nadech's acting, I think there could be something interesting if his character wasn't domineering but was the under dog. When Nadech is sad, I'm fucking 10x sadder ahahhaah I kinda wanna see a role where Yaya is a bitch to him but it would be a challenge to write this coz you have to NOT hate her too.. but under dog storylines always get to me... for a slap kiss, Boss + Secretary... not the Yah Leum Chan route though but this premise is always hot. I think if you guys need something to do after LR ends, learn how to read Thai then go back to read the novels their lakorns were based from hahahaha
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    Nadech and Yaya are the sweetest couple ever! They sell their scenes like it's nobody's business. Really sad it's ending next week. I feel like it just started and we're not getting enough of them! The only thing I'm looking forward to next and their movie, Nakee 2 and then after that, god knows how long we'll have to wait to see them together again.
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    @m3lhouse Yeah was really hoping to see yaya play a character that is bi*chy towards nadech's character....maybe in their next lakorn or something
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    I have love hate feeling towards Anne and production. They are very excellent in promoting LR and deal with China Broadcast is major step for Thai Lakorn industry. With million of views since airing LR considered as big Lakorn and casts able to spread their wings into international level . Anne as a producer , she is Thai fav actress and in the industry for many years. She has a lot of experience and know expectations for good Lakorn. Yet she failed tackle major problems. Sometimes I feel that she afraid NY will overshadow AK (Anne & Ken) that why there are some scenes where NY capable to so but seems holding back. I'm still in doubt to watch any Thong Production Lakorn especially promising one in future to avoid any disappointment. Sorry if my opinions sound offensive but I'm particular about Quality.
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    Petra was perfect... they should've had more of Yaya as Petra she was the best part/character of LLSR. The scene where she snitched on Ramin to Nookyong at the restaurant that's exactly what I'm thinking. Like I want a role where she's having a good time trolling him and he's frustrated coz he can't do anything about it ahhaha if they were younger something like Cruel Intentions could've been a good love triangle storyline they could've done..they aren't old yet but they're getting at that age where they're about to play some annoying roles like husband stealing or something soon so I hope they could squeeze in some "normal" roles before it gets so nasty with those genres ahahahah
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    Yes I would like that as well . We know and can actually picture them in it .
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    So did Anne earn alot from this drama or it's only Ch 3? Like does she earn when other countries buy her dramas?
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    as much as the romance portion of the drama was lackluster, the scenes they had together were amazing. Nadech is so convincing at portraying his emotions, Yaya's character has surprised me as her script is honest about how she feels towards Dawin (saying that she misses the person that she ate on the small table with, that she should forget because someone told her too, there's no room for miscommunication because she is directly saying it's YOU)... Even though Will is the a part of this triangle, his part seems forced and Alice has no feelings of lust towards him at all.

    For an NY shipper, I just want a romantic drama or a slap/kiss with lots of kisses/lots of touching that is approximately 20 episodes long!!! haha before they hit that age where they have to play old boring characters.
    I'm thinking of a drama where he loves someone else, but she loves him and he uses her. Then she is out for revenge but also still wants him. Then they just do stuff to eachother to get the upper hand and Yaya finally has enough and tries to move/marry someone else and Nadech jeopardises that from happening because he wants her and noone else can have her... they fight some more and finally --- they have an amazing willing scene and decide to be together.. THE END!!!!

    Has anyone watched Turkish drama Kara Sevda before?, Zeynep and Emir were the villains in a 74 episode drama but I loved the complexities of their characters. Their chemistry was insane!!

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    Nadech Yaya should remake this turkish drama "ask laftan anlamaz" means love doesnt understand words, its workplace romance between boss and his secretary

    after likit ruk finish airing, you all could watch it in youtube and it has english subtitle
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    I feel like people are using NY and that’s sad for our talented favourites :sad6::sad6:
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    ^ from what i could translate/understand they (the reporter) asked yaya those repetitive questions we have heard all these years (eg: how's your relationship with nadech? Are you guys boyfriends and girlfriends now? can we call you lovers? ect)
    and yaya's reply is the same as always...
    -he knows her best;
    -they don't know what the future hold but right now this is good enough;
    -they been friends since the beginning and best friends over these years and so whatever happens the friendship will always be there (?)

    -okay this part was harder for me to understand-

    the reporter asked (will someone else come along since you guys won't have work together)
    yaya: {mae pla shakes her head? or something} it depends on time and opportunity
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    idk if Khun Ja made any good drama tho , her mom yes I agreed has made quite a few . As for llsr , I thought p mam approach them and ask them to do it , that’s why na turn down drama with taew for tv scene .
    As for rs , I heard they didn’t want ya but na , since fans made so much noise , Khun Ja had to cast ya .
    Nah I know Khun Off didn’t plan on ny but the Chanel force him to , I kinds figured that one out ,cuz it was so out of the blues for them to be in nakee , I know they got bashed by ken and taew fans cuz they thought ny will be taking the krasee and credit for it , which is not true .
    As for broadcast , yep p nong has been after them for years but I guess she was lucky to get na .
    Metta I thought they only want ya but not na .i know they r waiting for her and would have got her but p off end up getting her for Tik , don’t know why they cancel that drama tho after .
    I was never fond of p mam production and still don’t understand how she keep getting them smh.
    I like lakorn thai as well but never thought p da love na that much . For sure she love ya and mark .
    I hope in the future , a production company will do justice for ny ability and good looks but hopefully soon.. lol
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    I don't know where you're getting your info from hahahah they're like half truths. I definitely read an interview where Nadech said he went to khun mam and asked her if there was something they could do. Maybe khun mam had the remake in mind but the way nadech replied it sounded like he approached her. RS, you can watch their perd kong interview where khun ja talked about how somrak approached her with the project. Metta, the noks son gave an interview where he said that the role is written for Yaya. The guys they want JJ and Nadech but the guys roles they don't care that much to lock in they were just throwing it out there but Yaya is definitely confirmed. The act art one with tik isn't cancelled it's on hold because the script isn't done. Why would Khun Da work with Nadech 3x but not love him?

    Khun Ja did JLR it's one of the biggest ch3 hits of all times. The ending episode was a 21, higher than sawan bieng, and Plerng Boon had the highest ending episode last year for ch 3 at a 9. She hasn't made any of my personal favorites but I know if she really put her mind to it and with the right cast she can fuck it up too hahaha. That's why I'm piecing her, NY, and the director of RRF together...
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    Love this scene!:icon12:
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    This interview is gold :love: Here's a rough translation:
    • They asked her how her relationship with Nadech is at the moment, to which she replied: 7 years (ermm Yaya it's actually been 8 years lol) is a very long time, it's a very long time. I have been friends with Nadech for almost 10 years and from the first day we met, it (I.e. we) clicked; until (I) regard us as friends since that day.
    • She said stuff about how Nadech knows her the best, if you don't count her mum & her sister, because they've been through a lot together etc
    • Reporter said something about them being a merit couple & Yaya basically said she thinks they are
    • Reporter asked if they can develop from a merit couple to spouses & Yaya said she knows that everyone wants to know & it's something they (NY) want to know as well. But she doesn't know what the future holds. Nadech said that he doesn't mind whatever happens (this part might be wrong?); she said he will be the person who knows her the best & is the closest to her. Then she said something about him knowing her the best forever, even if they will be gf/bf, friends or hate each other
    • She said something about them not meeting often because they don't work together
    • She basically said they don't have a label for their relationship
    • She said she misses everyone in her friendship group
    • Reporter asked if there's a chance of another man entering (I.e. getting into a relationship with her), to which Mae Pla shook her head & laughed. Ya said everything depends on time, no one in her family has prohibited her from having a boyfriend
    And I think the last question was about Klin Kasalong & she basically said she was very busy/working very hard or something like that

    (Someone please correct any parts I got wrong, my reading skills aren't that great lol)
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    The fact that Mae Pla laughed & shook her head at the question of someone else being in a relationship with Yaya, speaks volumes :risas3: Mae Pla is known for being quiet & letting Yaya do her own thing, only getting involved when she needs to - so she knows something we don't know :naughty2:
  19. funnygurl_11

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    Thank you!

    7 years if we consider "Urassaya's since 2011", right? :aaaaa:
    And her mom definitely knows what's up!
    I really really hope they end up together!
  20. YadechTaemint

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    So that's why "Urassaya's since 2011" has been popping up so much on my Twitter feed:risas3: I'm so dumb lol, I couldn't figure it out :') But yeah, you could look at it that way. I was wondering why she didn't just say 8 years, especially because it's not that hard to work out considering they met in ~2010 & it's 2018 now. NY are getting smart at this subtlety thing :risas3:
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