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    I did a double take on that part cause it was so fast and if I didn’t see the comment here earlier and in IG, I would have never known. I was just thinking ok whatever she has something. :pancarta:
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    I'm a new NY fan, the first NY drama i've watched was GRGR, second was LLSR,, i enjoyed both but i loved LLSR because it was light and funny,, this is what I've said before, if you have no idea/no expectations at all you'll enjoy the show, just like now with LR,, i just take it as it is and i love it.
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    EVIL and LOSER - OMG :risas3::risas3:
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    Now that is what I call people having very different tastes :risas3: I admit I had high expectations because it was their reunion lakorn after 3 years & it ended up falling completely below my expectations even thought it had potential :(
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  7. Rita

    Rita Nadech <3

    I am happy to see their drama but I only had expectation because they showed it. If it wasn't the promotion and MVs, I'll would have been fine. It just isn't right to show your viewers things to lure them in and not show them in the drama. I hope there is an uncut version lol.
  8. Amikou

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    LLSR was a hot mess lol but I actually managed to enjoy some moments there. Well my favorite NY lakorn is Rising sun ( Yeah, I know I have a bad taste haha) and I think LR will be on my top of NY lakorn too :)
  9. sasuke06

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    @Alichgo @YadechTaemint

    I think LLSR is a good lakorn if you cut out every NY's scenes and then put them all together :risas3: but there will be less than 5 episodes because this lakorn was all about Nok Young (Ice preechaya). Also, it allowed NY as actors to perform a very challenging role and they both succeeded ( Nadech already won 3 best actor awards TV Gold (judges)/ Daradaily (public) / Nine entertain (judges + public). NY's acting was praised a lot in LLSR, all the complaints was on Many Problems Feel bad for the poor script + bad editing + took NY's queues for 2years and finally released only 10eps! (their true name is No problem Feel Good 555555). The end of this lakorn was the reflection of what pissed us off, the editing was bad, the love scenes was short. I remember that what saved the end of this lakorn was the fancam from pittanomipa. Well... when the fancam of NY's behind the scene is sweeter and better than the original version, No problem production should wonder about how they edited this lakorn lol.

    Btw, Episode 9 was the best!!! I remember that balcony scene (3rd videos in the spoils), there was no kiss but their interaction was so hot and erotic. Just like what they are doing in LR.

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  10. ptenchik

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  11. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    My friend applauded their acting in LLSR and now in episode 5. I told her I am rewatching for her so I can share the experiences with her heehee - I am watching but just skipping all NookYong ( yuck even her name is “NY”)

    Episode 9 is still my favorite and I am not spoiling her. Can’t wait til she gets there.
  12. farfalla

    farfalla sarNie Hatchling

    Okay... My major complaint for this lakor is....... They set our expectation different than what we got. Anne always promote LR to be a romance lakorn but.... THIS IS TOTALLY ACTION! which is very very disappointing.

    I know she is an ambitious type even Yaya said that her energy is off the roof and perhaps she wants to proof herself as a producer and she ended up trying too hard but she forgets that she marketed this drama to be ROMANCE. In my opinion, LR is relatively well made though some editing a bit off thus the execution isn't like expected sometimes they roughly jump from one angle to another or one scene to another .

    Also, a lot of scenes we see on the MV or Bung Lakorn didn't make the cut and they cut a lot of the romance which should be the main selling point of the drama.

    If it was a company product then it is a fail because customer gets a totally different product than what it claimed to be.

    But we cannot be that mad because the quality of the product itself which is the actors and the actresses's acting that I must say SUPERB
  13. Rita

    Rita Nadech <3

    I agreed! I think overall, LR is a good action drama. The scene with Kate and the fighting are super good. It was their marketing tactic that sucked, which is why most of us are so disappointed. I'm just wondering, if they knew they were going to sell to Tencent, why didn't they fix the editing? Do they edit the video the week before it airs?
  14. Vimalee

    Vimalee Live Love Laugh

    It’s very unfortunate that Tencent China only wanted 12 episodes total or else LR would have about 14 episodes. Many scenes that everyone were so much looking for wouldn’t be cut or not included. The editing would be a lot smoother when you have more materials to work with.

    50 millions baths for LR is a lot of money and CH3 needs all the help they can get, especially when they are losing money with 3 channels.
  15. pinky3

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    You guys r funny , glad everyone has different point of view , make this forum fun and entertaining. Thanks to the one who posts a lot , love reading all your comment .
    Now that’s been said .. if the Chanel 3 don’t want to make uncut DVD for fans , why don’t they do a new uncut of lit kit for fans like bps ? I only watch that due to Bella and her team . To me she make the story .
  16. pinky3

    pinky3 sarNie Adult

    True but Chanel 3 could have make more if they r more open minded to other source or countries and not put limit on things . Idk I think they r just lazy and just take the easy out . I think they use ny for their status and not their talent . I mean I am grateful that they introduced us to them but geez ...why not go all out for them since they r born to be actors . Just my opinion cuz now a days it’s hard to find pra nang that has almost everything.
  17. YadechTaemint

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    I feel like they didn't know about the Tencent deal until at least February (I'm guessing because that's when we heard about it, but I may be wrong) - as in they weren't originally planning to sell to Tencent when they first started filming. Ch3 probably knew earlier but maybe they didn't tell the LR team. But even then they had a few months to edit it well :/
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  18. YadechTaemint

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    I won't even complain if they re-air the uncut version during non-prime time hours, especially if they don't give us a DVD. I just want to watch this in it's completeness *sigh*
  19. sasuke06

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    This Tencent deal has ruined this lakorn for us viewers because from a 14-15 episodes (25 chapters), they agreed to make 12eps. LR should have been air at the beginning of 2018 but then Tencent has contacted ch3 to buy the rights so they changed their initial plan to air LR from February to May. The reason why they had to re-edit everything. They cut out many scenes and Anne's bf made this dumb decision to choose and sacrifice the romance between Dalice to respect these 12episodes and edited this lakorn in an action style...Even some highlight scenes of Dawin-Alice which are not love scenes have been cut out....and they chose to show Kate - Will's romance.....:facepalm:

    R.I.P Dawin's scene (when you have an actor who performed an amazing scene but you just cut it out....). AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WE NEED THIS UNCUT DVD BOX SET or LR's Version before Tencent came haha.


    If CH3 doesn't use the good feedback from China, the big loser from the Tencent deal will be the actors - team who put so much efforts in this lakorn but they will never seen them because the editors cut out their scenes. The BIG winner will be like usual CH3 who gained 50 Millions bahts thanks to the rights and we don't count all the profits generated by the advertissement on TV or others platforms (Tencent, youtube, mello, line, etc...). NY are already super popular in Thailand, Tencent is a good news for them because LR is popular in China so it will allow them to have more exposure in Asia but if CH3 doesn't "make it happen" by promoting them over there, it will never happen and and the buzz will dissapear with time . That's why, Chinese fans, make some noise and NY will go to China! Just like how the thai fans are putting their efforts for this DVD Box set or those who keep updating the feeback from China whereas it should be CH3's job to make these researches...Their efforts have paid because CH3 is sharing all their infos now......what a shame for CH3 seriously!

    Btw, let's enjoy how LR is well received in China and online platform! Tencent is the one responsible of these 12eps but thanks to them, NY has both gained lots of popularity in China.

    #TencentVideo : 220Million views
    #Weibo 46,96 Million views
    #Mello 22,6 Million views
    #LINETV 27,6 Million views
    Hashtags's views in #weibo TOP1
    Rating in #Tencent 8,5 / 10

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  20. Rita

    Rita Nadech <3

    Is there a reason why Tencent only wanted 12 episodes? I have seen Chinese drama before and some of them would be like 90 episodes...

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