[CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

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  1. Eggsie

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    The sweetest:love:
    Even though it takes forever for them to edit it I hope they do it right,nope they should do it right given the time..Finger crossed.....
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  3. bubba

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    Here's a link to Nadech's Interview at Carnation event part 1


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    I'll do a rough translation na ka.

    Media -- What's the meaning of #18 at the football event?
    Nadech -- I intend to wear #18 because of Yaya's birthday.

    Media -- Previously, did you have a fight?
    Nadech -- We don't have a fight. It likes watching a lakorn where pra'ek and nang'ek misunderstood each other. It's not a big deal. Likewise, it could happen to anyone who are dating someone.

    Media -- So, is it like boyfriend/girlfriend sulking at each other?
    Nadech -- (Laughing) We already talked to each other and understood each other. Then, we'll gradually adjust or compromise with each other.

    Media -- There's a news that you broke up?
    Nadech -- No, we didn't break up. Our relationship is still the same.

    Media -- Is Yaya sulking often?
    Nadech -- No, she's not. Yaya is not like that. We're talking to each other like an adult, not quarreling.
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  4. koji1234

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    wouldnt be surprised if he has a private ig HAHAHA
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  5. bubba

    bubba Keep On Smiling

    A link to Nadech's Interview at Carnation event part 2


    Again, here's a rough translation na.

    Media -- Why are you guys sulking?
    Nadech -- (making a cutie face) Must I tell ..?

    Media -- Is there any truth to a news...(as in third person)... Yaya got hold of it and told her friend to investigate?
    Nadech -- I think if that was true, then Yaya won't be investingating.

    Media -- What will she do?
    Nadech -- She would just go away hahahahaha. Our relationship remain the same.

    Media -- There's often a break up news, will you open up your relationship as bf/gf?
    Nadech -- We're comfortable like this. I'm a person who doesn't post picture with Yaya and don't tell everyone that we go out together. We will have part that we're together and with each other. Sometimes, we don't have to tell anyone everything. I think it's a good thing to keep something like this among ourselves.
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  6. bubba

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    Awww.....such a sweet couple.....

    Looking mighty handsome....

    The caption for this picture is so funny!
    Huh...a third person...Don't you think I would be scared to death.
    Yaya said that if he leaves, she would have to kill him first.
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  7. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    OMG thank you so much for translating! :love: The never-ending break-up rumors are so annoying but I love how they keep proving their detractors and haters wrong :icon12: Besides he is right, misunderstandings can happen to any dating couple. What's important is you get through it each time. All those NY moments which were not seen on TV is making me so finnnnnnnnnnnn:love:
  8. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    I bet he has! Haha. They probably have tons of photos and videos that are for their eyes only. Just the thought of it is making me smile from ear to ear already :love::love::love:
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  9. Anne22

    Anne22 sarNie Hatchling

    Thank youuu so much for the translation. I've been waiting fr this because its all over ig

    So they did have some misunderstanding but its normal and cuteeee lol. I cant imagine yaya sulking. She seems rational and not possessive. lol at his answer that yaya would just go away if there is third person. Nadech sure loves this girl so much i can see thro his gorgeous eyes lmao
  10. koji1234

    koji1234 sarNie Egg

    I could not tell they had some misunderstanding, when was this supposedly ? HAHAHA I always think they are tired or something, but true relationships has its ups and downs, does not mean the relationship is done, like Nadech said, you gotta compromise and be mature about it. they've known each other for 8 years, you cant just let that kind of relationship/friendship go , especially because they basically grew up together in Thai ET and low-key have the same circle of friends LOLL
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  11. Nanghom

    Nanghom ❤NY❤

    Thank u for the trans bubba! :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12: I love the way that he is very honest and straight forward.. he didn't hide yet he keeps his privacy to himself cool
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  12. Eggsie

    Eggsie sarNie Hatchling

    Yeay love and kisses to @bubba thanks for the translation..

    There are things meant to be shared and not to be shared which about them that I like the most..dropping hints here and there make us fin lol..
    awww a small misunderstanding did happen between them and it is freaking normal in any relationship...
    Yaya sulked? I always thought she is kinda cool and let things slide easily lol..

    But what kind of rumour he involved in w another girl?..im surely missed a lot and only focus on them lmaoo.. But hey I understand,who doesn't in protective mode over this gorgeous and one of the kind guy lol..a sulk will do lmaooo

    BTW I like how nadech handles the press questions~~
  13. Anne22

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    Ikr. Why they always came up with nonsense rumours saying he has another girl? Poor Na. Cant they all see how he NEVER has his eyes on another girls

    Someone has subbed this vid of ny during rehearsal! Go and subscribe this channel they subbed some ny's vids

    Cr; nadech yaya inter
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  14. TS1718

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    His interview in MorningNews3
    'ณเดชน์' โต้ข่าวเม้าท์เลิก 'ญาญ่า' ยันแค่พระเอกนางเอกงอนกัน แจงใส่เสื้อเบอร์ 18 ง้อกลางงานบอล
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  15. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    Thank you so much for this! Waiting for the Eng subbed videos of his interviews from last night also :)
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  16. TS1718

    TS1718 Lost in NadechYaya World

    this video from NANN Bajang Family show they caught Nadech send his encouragement to Yaya before the event
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  17. TS1718

    TS1718 Lost in NadechYaya World

    This was very short cut clip from Morning News3 few months ago. Its such a waste to leave it unedited.
    I wonder why Barry is shy doing that scene 555
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  18. YadechTaemint

    YadechTaemint NY, SHINee, 2NE1 & SEVENTEEN

    Loool I can't imagine Yaya sulking xD the only time I've seen her relatively quiet is when she is tired or ill & even then she tries to put on a brave face & show she is ok :icon12:
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  19. YadechTaemint

    YadechTaemint NY, SHINee, 2NE1 & SEVENTEEN

    THEY ARE SO FLIPPING CUTE :crybaby2::love:
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  20. TS1718

    TS1718 Lost in NadechYaya World

    Thai media always looking for chance to see them make mistakes and fall into scandal. So this argument they had before is like a wide open chance.
    Unfortunately NadechYaya aren't your typical couple who like attention and calling out to make statement and clarifications.
    And quarrel is common thing happen in any relationship, friendship and such. You'll be annoyed if you try to hear what they asked him during the interview.
    But my Bear nailed it!

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