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  1. Cethu

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    I can't see anything different from the back hug scene to the last version. Will try to summarize the conversation when they laid down.

    Alice: let me ask you something...your mother did not say anything you coming here?

    Davin: mum was the one telling me to come. She even blessed me before I left

    Alice: your mum? Why?

    Davin: because mum knows if I would not come, I would regret it my whole life. I have to apology about what I told last time, I regret it not lesser than you.

    Alice: if you regret, why do you say it

    Davin: if I had a choice, I would not do it. But at that time, I really could not choose

    Alice: I understand, in one's life you have to do things without having a choice. If I could choose, I would like to be an ordinary person and not facing troubles like it is now

    Davin: troubles make us stronger and let me know you better as well. Life always has an answer wether we choose it or not, the most important thing lies in front of us. Like now, this is the best moment in my life. Before I used to say things I didn't want to, because I had no choice. But now I am convinced that what I am doing now is right, doing what my heart wants. Being here, protecting you

    Alice: you say like that make me want to be an ordinary person more. If I am just a woman, not a princess, my life would be much easier. I would be able to do what I personally want more.
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    If I would ever trust Anne for a production.. I will trust her to manage the wardrobe and styling concept, location hunting, casting, and acting director...

    love the styling and wardrobe, locations were breathtaking, all the casts suit the role pretty well and they act neatly so I can say she did it very well.

    However, story line isn't really well thought out (especially the conflict in the beginning seems illogical but I like the twist with Kate though Indie coronation was not a surprise), transition isn't smooth, and editing very choppy << she can hire someone better for these things tbh..
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  3. NY2018

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    I agree, she did well on choosing the wardrobe, location and which actresses and actors should play the characters. I wish the lighting was chosen better in some scenes. I'm happy that the Master Edition is released. :):icon12:
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    Hi Cethu,
    Oh thank you so much. There was new dialogues from 2nd verse of Davin ...I have to apologize ....
    At least I am not loss...
  5. NY2018

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    Finale of Likit Ruk: The Crown Princess Master Edition. Going to miss seeing Princess Alice and Lieutenant Commander Davin on screen together. :icon12::icon12: #happyending
    Cr. thongentertainment
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    I don't know to be happy or salty about this. Instead of pictures, why not do some scenes of their everyday life activities and even if it's during the closing credits? What's another 5 minutes of collage scenes. Oh Anne, I am done with you! :BangHead:
  8. YadechTaemint

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    Many years ago I went to record w/ P' Singto Numchok during the time when I did adverts for Lay's & we were chatting like usual NY fans.
    P'To said 'these 2 kids ride a motorbike in this area, I see them very often (in Sukhumvit). They are really cute together; (they ride) an ordinary motorbike.'// As soon as I saw this picture I was like OK, it's obvious P'To. It's really an ordinary motorbike as well 555 cuteeee.

    More BTS pics :)



    For this scene, we had no more than 10 minutes before it got dark. From laughing & playing together, Ya created the mood in less than 1 minute and then raised her hand to signal that she was ready. They ordered action and suddenly tears flowed like a tap had been turned on. Khun Thomas' (the German authority that was looking after us) jaw dropped & he said "omg how could she do that, it's magic!!"


    Cr amm_anyama
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  9. YadechTaemint

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    Their voices are so nice to listen to :love::love: Ya getting shy and Na staring at her :love:

    But seriously, how could Anne forget to send the pics to the editing team...
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  10. m3lhouse

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    AHAHAHHA Anne and her team sucks! They also lost footage lol I actually re-watched the 3zaap ep with NY the other day and the part where they described how usually in every script they write how the leads passionately kiss but never actually do it when they shoot but they did in LR but what did we SEE???? LOL
  11. Elena_NY

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    I’ve done with her long ago since she decided not to show us full waterfall scenes and other romantic scenes of Alice and Dawin :facepalm:
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  12. I feel you dear to be honest:BangHead::BangHead: I NEVER REWATCH LR:fighting3::fighting3:

    who cares about the :BangHead::BangHead:rubbish MASTER EDITION:fighting3::fighting3:

    i would rather watch NY's real life daily activities:love::icon12::naughty2:

    :BangHead::BangHead:I will never trust Anne:fighting3::fighting3: anymore for any NY lakorns in the future she should break up first with her scissor hand bf:fighting3::fighting3:
  13. YadechTaemint

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    When the leads do their job but Anne & her team make all their efforts go to waste :rolleyes:

    And it makes no sense why they cut out most of the jin scenes because this kind of princess & bodyguard storyline NEEDS those kind of scenes.
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  14. Lyly_isthebest

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    @YadechTaemint @m3lhouse I can't help but wonder if she's waiting for something to happen then she'll release it, cuz i doubt she lost "that" footage..
    Also how "passionate" are we talking. Thai-passionate or hollywood-passionate cuz y'all know there's a huge difference.

    Another thing anne was cancelled the moment she cut darwin's jacket throwing scene. I wanted that intense angst T.T
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  15. NY2018

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  16. fresh

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    The editing of the ending scenes make more sense now than in the old version. Wish they edited better from the 1st time. How could they mess up something so obvious that Alan's coronation had to be after Davin left? Otherwise why Davin had to leave if Alice stepped down and Alice and Davin hold hands at the coronation where Davin stood at the position before Alice like married couple. I'm disappointed that there were not many sweet scenes between Alice and Davin, especially when they stayed in the same house as husband and wife. I remember there were many things happened then in Ann's version, especially jealous scenes.
    The good things of LR are the cast, wardrobe and scenery. Glad to see Nadech as a handsome poopan and Yaya as a gorgeous Princess. Everyone is beautiful/handsome and suitable with their role, and the scenery is breathtaking. I enjoyed all the scenes of Alice and Davin together.

    Maybe this is a Thai passionate kiss that they mentioned:


    Love the dancing scene except the bright light

    Why they had to zoom out?

    So emotional. NY's acting is great.
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  17. fresh

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    Please can someone help translating the extra scene of Davin and Alice after Kate died? Thanks ka.
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  19. pinky3

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  20. farfalla

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    Going to spend the new year's eve crying out my single life at the corner.... How come reality is better than a drama.... How come behind the scenes better than human scripted drama... It is very rare to happen in fact probably only one in a hundred million...

    Gosh I hate how LK team did not take the advantage of this coupleeee... in a good way I mean... they have the CHEMISTRY.. Even little affections will make a significant impact with their uncanny and unparalleled chemistry but they did not take that that opportunity.... You claimed it romance but 70% of it action with 25% of twisted drama... they gave the viewers false expectations..

    Ok... disappointment aside.. I still appreciate them for respecting Nadech Yaya's choice to keep things private and release fin behind the scenes only until they went public with their relationship...

    Anyway... How come they look so perfect.... Can't get over their styling... I really have to give that credit to Anne... Nadech never looked that good...

    One of my wishes for 2019 is that Nadech will cut his hair back to Dawin or Pongprap style hehe

    Be right back after I finish staring at their fin pictures... :pancarta: oh my weak heart..... I caaaannn'ttt

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