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    A Christmas Wish is sent to you
    Cr. keaw_jung (capture fr IG story of Mr Wish :naughty2:
    Happy holidays to everyone in this thread and your love ones.:icon12:
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    Merry Christmas everyone :cheer::cheer:

    Cr keaw_jung

    Ya in Norway :icon12:
    Cr urassayas

    Cr csperb

    Na went to visit the kids at Chiang Dao Compassion Home for Christmas, serve food, do activities with them & give scholarships :icon12:


    Cr keaw_jung

    National poll on the actor, actress and male & female singers that Thais want to give a present to the most
    1. Nadech
    2. Mario
    3. Pope

    1. Yaya
    2. Bella
    3. Taew
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    Cr juniperjabu

    Cr urassayas

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    Hello everyone,

    Happy Holidays and may 2019 brings you all good health, much happiness, and prosperous New Year!

    credit as tagged
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    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone :).
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    Hello everyone and thank you all for posting.

    May your holidays be filled with happiness, health, love and laughter na ka!


    Awwww.....so cute....
    cr: rightful owners
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  7. [​IMG]

    OMG NY's future babies I mean their babies will exactly look like tiny NY:love::icon12::naughty2:
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  8. my delayed reaction in relation to NY lakorns together you as a newbie I strongly recommend to watch all of NY's lakorns then you can see which one is the best of all their lakorns

    my personal choice and opinion is :love:DJA then :love:GRGR and lastly :love:TNNKK these 3 are worth REPLAYING i have watched these many many times :icon12:DJA is almost perfect the flaws in GRGR and TNNKK are forgivable :BangHead:RS:fighting3: :BangHead:LLSR:fighting3: and :BangHead:LR:fighting3: are not worthy to be watched many times like their 3 previous lakorns you can enjoy these 3 by SKIPPING the BORING scenes.Then if you wanna feel FIN just watch NY bts videos in YT and their IG beacause REAL LIFE scenes are much better and perfectly sweet :love::icon12::naughty2:

    Currently LR is being REPLAYED and being promoted as MASTER COPY do not be misled ch3 is just rerunning it no additional episodes at all :fighting3:thanks to Anne's bf with scissor hand I wanna punch him for ruining LR :fighting3:

    welcome to the thread and ENJOY:angel10:
  9. [​IMG]

    :love::icon12::naughty2:when PBear is using MKeaw's ig acc
  10. pinky3

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    The added scene is coming up , Ann did mention they lost some scene lol
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  11. Elena_NY

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    It was so funny when most of people who bought DVD Master Edition are NYFc, but the extra scenes they added mostly focus on Princess Kate and others supporting roles :risas3: P’Anne want to keep those NY’s cut out scenes just for herself only :risas3:

    We could never ever see those cut out scenes forever. RIP Ch3’s Master Edition
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  12. bubba

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    Yay....so excited!!! :cheer::aaaaa::clap: THE REAL NADECH CONCERT:cheer::clap::aaaaa:

    According to MCOT, Nadech is going to have the first solo concert on 19-20 May next year. And, Yaya is probably going to be his special guest ;)


    The cutest couple.....sure miss Dawin and Princess Alice....

    cr:as tagged
  13. NY2018

    NY2018 Good things take time.. ☘︎✌︎☕︎❅

    Behind the scenes. FINN! :love::love:
    #thelookoflove ;):icon12:
    Nadech always capturing photos of his muse / teerak. :icon12: 4A5F1016-CAFF-4A8A-A47F-E81673C5DF47.jpeg AC878CEB-B309-45CE-AAF3-FFF0204CA80E.jpeg
    Cr. anyama twitter
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  14. It's like buying DVD set of LR is :BangHead:USELESS no eng sub and only 1 episode added just BTS i think:fighting3::fighting3:
  15. pinky3

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    I mean yes there should have been more but m glad they add the extended version of the back hug and the part where Alice is playing piano but the part I like it’s after Kate death . They add a scene of Alice and Davin where he explain a lot .
  16. HyeSoo

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    Hi guys, in these days I read some comments that made me sad about this long-awaited master edition. For the first time today I watched the live streaming of the episode 11th by comparing it with the 10th and 11th episodes subbed by Muse Fansub and I really like it! Even if there were few new scenes, the sequence of events is more logical, it flows well. There are also extra frames which didn't give me the feeling of missed something. "Scenes are grouped", in the sense that there's no continuously jumping from a situation to an other, but before certain things happen and then other things happen, like the scenes on the mountain between Dawin and Alice and those ones between Alan and Pan, or the scene on the boat!

    Watching the live streaming of today episode on my phone by comparing it with the 10th and 11th episodes subbed by Muse Fansub on the computer it was the best thing I could have done, because it helped me realize things like the growing suspicions of Dawin about Kate.

    PS. Someone knows if Muse Fansub or someone else will sub it? If there is a slightest chance, I would glad to help. I really need to watch the master edition with english subtitles. Like @pinky3 said, yes there should have been more, but this master edition is better than nothing for me :)

    UNCUT SCENE OF TODAY EPISODE. I've no idea what they said but I love it :love:

  17. pinky3

    pinky3 sarNie Adult

    This scene take place after he rescue her from
    That event . She didn’t realize he was still standing so she decide to play the piano . When she was done he clap and tho her that he didn’t know she play the piano and that well . She was being an ass to him tho .. she say that this was just basic . He than start to smile and she got mad at him saying that she was his playmate or friend lol she than later ask him to tell her how he know cuz he didn’t answer her when she ask him . I am happy as well that they made the master edition. There will be scene add to it after Kate die cuz I was confused to why king Henry send Davin home . Davin will explain things .
  18. Cethu

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    I want to add to the conversation is that Alice is still mad at Davin (after that incident she agreed that he is her bodyguard and looks for her safety). She said she is not his playmate and he should not misunderstand that she agreed him to look after her is due to personal feelings, but due to his ability and that he will fulfill his duty at his best without a personal attachment.

    I actually like this master edition, the flow of the story is much better and no jumping from one scene to another. Surely there are not much fin scenes of NY, but also the other scenes are important to understand how everything turned out. And the added scenes shows how Davin suffered when Alice left and not just come to Hrysos and everything is forgotten.

    There is an added scene when Pan packed to go to Hrysos and look for Alan. The conversation with Davin's mother also give hints why she changed her mind for Davin to go to Hrysos after that.
  19. bubba

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    So cute.....
    The hottest news of the year 2018: "Nadech" confessed his love for "Yaya"


    Congrats to Yaya for being #11 for the 100 most beautiful face 2018. She's ranked #30 last year.
    Congrats to Nadech for getting #77 for the 100 most handsome face 2018.
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