[CH3] Leh Lub Salub Rarng (No Problem) : Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya


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I held my breath when they kissed...I don't even know y -.-' lol
Maybe they will prove me wrong and give us the switch at the end of today's Ep :)


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I've been following both Yaya and Nadech since the beginning of their career. They were both pretty good in DJA, but every lakorn afterwards, honestly, I felt that Nadech was stronger than Yaya. However, in this it seems that Yaya has finally gotten stronger than Nadech in leading (not saying that Nadech is weaker or anything). It is refreshing to see this new fire in Yaya, this is defo her year.
I totally understand what your saying. NY are amazing together and I adore their chemistry, which I consider to be the best but part of the reason I worry about NY being paired up in lakorn is that their lakorns tend to revolve around the male lead completely. The producers/directors always give them lakorns where the the female lead is almost always 2-dimensional and acts as a tool for the male lead to get a reaction and a response out of him. There is no depth in the characterization of the female lead. We see the male lead's character develop throughout the lakorn while the female lead is almost always static. You see it with GRGR where Saichon/Charles has got so many layers to his character while Nangfah is the sweet girl that exists so that Saichon can fall in love with her and show us different sides of himself. You see the same think with TNKK where again the focus is on the male lead while the female lead's scenes only revolve around the male lead. While we see him talk about his family, other female interests and life to his farm friends. We only see the female lead talk about him in most of her scenes. We dont really know much about her background or real family which they could have definitely explored instead of wasting time on secondary characters like the male lead's wife.

One of the things that I absolutely love with KC is that it gave both male and female leads depth and layers to their characters. The script explored their lives and personalities well. and allowed us to see the true potential of 2 great actors (Yaya and Mark).

LLSR might end up being more "male-lead" centeric too because its always hilarious to see Nadech with his bulked up manly body acting like a woman but I do think The Crown Princess will have a male and female lead with character depth and development ;)

Ok now I'm finally off to see LLSR episode 3 :cheer:


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Does Yaya have a British accent in real life? Or did she do that for the lakorn? I've never heard her speak English before so I don't know.


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Does Yaya have a British accent in real life? Or did she do that for the lakorn? I've never heard her speak English before so I don't know.
She doesn't have a British accent, I heard she was told to speak like that for the lakorn. She has a really American accent (which surprised me when I first heard her speak English ngl xD)