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  1. Oh yeah that’s right. I forgot. ;)
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  2. x0unerthanlater

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    Don't worry, we don't harm other ppl, lol
    At least I don't, can't speak for others though.
    My fav. KhunChai was Pawornruj (Pope - Mew) but I liked all the others ones too.

    So no Jiranee reunion then? Well, that's okay too. At least we got JiTaew.
    Who is Yihwa? I don't think I've heard of this actress. Newbie?
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  3. SuzieJ

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    Yihwa is a newbie.
  4. Aw! You’re sweet. I liked Khunchai Pawornruj too. That’s when I discovered Mew! She was so adorable then. Lol.
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  5. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    All these newbies getting prime time so fast.
  6. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    Yes, Mew was so cute (& still is too). I like her off screen persona. Esp. when she's with Taew. They are funny girls.
  7. DaoRisa

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    But I found him cute as a young doctor with his glasses.
  8. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    Bella fits perfectly with Pope. I think Grate too. And if tv3/tv7 allow, would love to see her with Weir. hehehheeeeeeee. Sorry for off topic.
  9. SuzieJ

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    Yep she fits these men better because they look mature as well. Dang I wish we could see Weir and Bella on screen together. Usually I hate watching real couples act together in lakorns but Bella and Weir is a couple I would love to see on screen together
  10. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    Awe! At least I'm not alone to want to see Weir and Bella together. I'm thinking that it would be a big hit since they are in different channel and would surely have lots of fans to cheer.
  11. Sakan94

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    Hi, my first post here, i has been trying to know about the novel that this lakorn will adapt for a while. Although I don't know Thai language and the infomation is limited. Here is something i know about.

    This novel has same author with Neung Dao Fah Diew and Ka Badin, main set will be at modern time and the story will travel back 2 past timeline: Dvaravati era and France-Siamese War (Rama V).

    Due to Thai fans' reaction, Taew seems to play heroine but need an editing in script because the role don't has much screentime. This is more a hero play and the feuds with antagonist but consider Taew's status, if she plays heroine then the role should be more important in lakorn ver.
    Unless she plays female villian (the main antagonist) which i doubt. We can't have Taew and James plays together in a lakorn without romantic link between them, right?

    There won't be many romantic/ sweet scenes. I'm a little bit disappointed about it. What a waste of their chemistry! But if this turns out to be like NDFD then it's also worth it. Because while i love Game Sanaeha more, NDFD has better story.
    The story has potential. I hope it has better directing than NDFD. And if it's possible add more sweet scenes between leads.

    There is one thing that Thai fans found adorable about hero and heroine is their names at different timelines all denote Sun/ Moon:

    Modern time: เพลิงฟ้า and สิตางศุ์
    Era after France-Siamese War: ทิวา and วันเพ็ญ (this timeline was only mentioned briefly at novel)
    France-Siamese War: ขุนอุทัยโยธิน and ดวงแข ( i can't find the meaning of their name in this timeline so i'm not sure they also indicate Sun/Moon)
    Dvaravati: ท้าวราวิเจ้า and นางศศิณา

    At modern time, main male character is a journalist while female lead is an university professor. They are same age but male lead has young, sweet, handsome look and is childlish/mischievous that when they first meet, she mistook him as a student.
    They are husband and wife at one past timeline.
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  12. Wow! Cool. Thanks for sharing and welcome to this forum/thread! ;)
  13. SuzieJ

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    Thank you for sharing this info! So I guess this one will take some time to go into production. Originally I thought maybe they might cast Mark and Matt with each other because i heard there was a rumor that mark will have a new lakorn with someone new and that the n’ek is around his age and it would be with TV scene but I guess they went with JiTaew!
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  14. Sakan94

    Sakan94 sarNie Egg

    The description about main male lead is actually James Ji: handsome with sweet/ young look, tall, has chidlish behavior. Even the cover of novels looks pretty much like him.

    Mark and James has sibling vibe so i can see that Mark could be considered for this role.
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  15. SuzieJ

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    Sounds like James Ji’s real personality loll especially when he’s with Taew or Great! He turns into a little clingy child when he’s with those two :risas3:
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  16. Sakan94

    Sakan94 sarNie Egg

    I'm not sure about if the character is actually chidlish but he rides bike to work and female lead mistook him as student. Female lead is a strong/ cold character at modern time (but pretty week at past timeline) and dislike hero at first so i guess he might has some mischievous attitude.

    Female villain is also same age with both leads. Seem to be a colorful villain. Don't know what kinds of feuds between her and leads.

    Taew as university professor: (not real look yet but just looking at these make me excited)
    I hope modern timeline has most screentime and female lead has more personality at past timelines in lakorn ver.
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  17. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    Context and history are definitely all important to the story and setting up the characters, but I'm here for the development of the leads' relationship! Even if we don't have outright romance scenes I need lots and lots of screen time with the pranang so we can enjoy JT chemistry and adorableness as much as possible. Fingers crossed!
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  18. Maricon

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    AGAIN?!?! Sorry but I thought two back to back JT lakorns is enough lol

    And another period lakorn?!?! Nah, unless it's a MLM series type then I don't mind. Otherwise not my cup of tea lols. At least there is a modern era. But looking like it is not a romantic type then it's a bit disappointing too.
  19. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    I’m just here for more JiTaew scenes to fangirl over, even if it’s just them standing there in silence. lol

    Also, this lakorn most likely will not air until 2020 or so, so it’s not like we will see them onscreen every year. NDFD and GS was by two different productions, so we can’t blame them having lakorns back to back in 2018. That was just our luck. lol
  20. I’m a JT lover so either way it doesn’t matter much. But I’m not a fan of war or politics so hopefully it’s not focused on those topics. Heard it has to do with present and past lives? So there will be modern and period eras in here. Praying for the best. We might not see this air until 2020 or 2021. So it will be a while girl!

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