[CH3] Leh Bunpakarn (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn


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Scene between Duangkae and the child will be an emotional one.
I know my heart will hurt so much for Duangkae-Uthai tragedy when i can finally watch this on screen. And also Rawi/Sasina tragedy. But i know 2nd life will have most pain.
I feel sad already when you said about the tragedy of Duangkae/Uthai.

Hope that we will be lucky to see this lakorn early 2020 not until the end of that year..........


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Anyone can recommend good multi-timeline lakorns to watch?

For the sake of Leh Bunpakarn, i'm trying to watch how Thai tv series take on this particular genre.
I watched Tae Pang Korn (Vill&Son), Pbee Kaew Nang Hong (Bella&Great) and Jao Gum Nai Wen (Mew Lalita&Pip)
with fastforward bottom.
Passed Buang Nareumit because of bad reviews and no sub. Might consider King Kasalong of Yaya-JamesM when it's airing, but base on trailer it seems too dramatic for me.
Multi-lifetime and karma are a package so lakorns that deals with reincarnation are usually has a lots of drama :facepalm:.

This genre is difficult to execute well tho :(. For all 3 lakorns that i watched, i did not really like any .

TPK is ok tho i skipped a lot at 2nd life time but at least the romance is cute. For PKNH, i only trully watch entire scenes at 3rd life while watching with fastforward bottom for the rest. JGNW is a well-done one but that lakorn is purely about karma things/stuffs which make me feel tired while watching. Maybe that how i think about karma or dramatic plot in lakorns in general, instead of feeling the tension or touching, learning life lessons, i just feel it's tiring.

With TPK and PKBH, they show multi lifes according to the chronological order when Leh Bunpakarn would be modern time with flashback of two previous lifes (more like JGNW and Buang Nareumit style)

So the thing for Leh Bunpakarn is, it has a lot of poteintal but is also very ricky. For it to be a good one, things i concern about: smooth editing between all life times, pra'nang has enough scenes together (could be any type of scenes which doesn't necessary to be super sweet all the time), interesting villians not just pure evil or over top crazy one and not too tacky CGI.

PS: Ah i also watch Roy Mai, as much as i love Aum-Aff after Botan Gleep Sudtai, i still need fast forward a lot.
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