[CH3] Lai Kinnaree (Act Art): TikJessadaporn / Yaya Urassaya

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  1. Exactly and keep things decent and neutral. I don't hate I just don't have interest in some stars or storylines! Lol :)
  2. ZML

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    So what?
    Then what are you doing here?
  3. Just checking things out and see if anything is of my interest and voice my opinions.
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    I think it's always nice to read lakorn thread, you never know what you might find interesting. Sometimes I read the threads to see if I should invest my time into the lakorn lol.
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  5. Right! You got it! Lol :) How am I supposed to know without reading the threads!
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    @ZML Agree with you, normally when I do not like an actress, I do not look at her lakorn it's simple, some people in this thread are really funny
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  7. But if you are neutral with the actor and wants to give the actress a chance why not check out the thread? That's how you may learn of the storyline and etc. @Nina94
  8. Which I learned this storyline may not be my cup of tea after reading it.
  9. AnnTfan

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    Why does it even matter if she's reading the thread. She is neutral with Tik. Some are just more open minded than others I guess. No need to keep throwing shade
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  10. Maricon

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    I can't imagine Tik and Yaya in a lakorn together but it also depends on the story and how the execution of their characters that we'll see if this pairing would work. I mean, why not?
  11. Will keep this in mind :)
  12. Shiera

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    I would recommend that you watch Kleun Cheewit if you want to see Yaya in a mature role :) There was nothing childish or teen-like about her in that lakorn LOL.
  13. Shiera

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    As for Yaya and Tik being in this lakorn, I recall reading a lot of negative comments in the Kleun Cheewit thread when Yaya and Mark were announced to be the stars of the lakorn. People said Mark and Yaya have zero chemistry and wont be able to pull it through.. However, low and behold, they have both done such an amazing job in KC that critics, media, public and fellow celebrities have been praising them left and right for their performance and chemistry. KC ended up being their breakthrough role and the two had such amazing chemistry that many viewers have started shipping them together.

    Its ok if you are unsure about this but I think that for now, its best to wait until the lakorn airs then decide on whether Yaya and Tik pulled it through. Remember that Mark's best performance so far is arguably with Yaya in KC so who knows, maybe Tik will surprise everyone again. I mean, it DOES seem like he really wanted to appear in the lakorn since according to the article someone posted here a while back, he immediately accepted the role after he got the offer
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  14. byebye

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    I guess I am in the minority cause I just didn't buy Yaya in KC. I do like her in the lakorn with Rome the most. In KC she comes across as bratty. I don't know if she changed later on but I dropped it by the 4th episodes. And it didn't help Mark was lacking as well. He didn't get better till close to the end but by then I didn't care any more lol
  15. Shiera

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    Not everyone has the same opinions so I understand that BUT so far, the response i have see has been overwhelmingly positive from professional critics and viewers alike. I have seen many people all over the internet who were skeptic about her initially be amazed by her performance throughout the lakorn. Actors and fellow celebrities have been openly praising the lakorn and even admitting that they have been obsessing over the episodes including Taew and Choompo.

    Miss G's character develops a lot in the lakorn and we are constantly exposed to different sides of her personality..Shes a bit like an onion with many layers. She is supposed to be bratty in earlier episodes because we still dont know much about her background. The story is meant to be a journey for us viewers with Sathit whereby we initially judge her negatively due to her seemingly cocky and arrogant behavior - much similar to what Sathit did - THEN we start to see the human and generous side to her that he sees especially with her grandma, the kids, her mom and him as she saves him time and time again while putting her life at danger. Watching up to episode 4 means u only saw the top layer of Miss G without getting a chance to see her true depth and what a golden heart she has. I would highly recommend watching few more episodes to truly enjoy it
  16. Oh thanks for the info! :)
  17. I respect your thoughts! Thanks for sharing! It's good to hear all sides! :)
  18. Kiachue1

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    Honestly I enjoy KC. I haven't been able to finish any of yayas lakorns after Game Rai Game Ruk with Nadech. Although I fell in love with Nadech and yaya as A pair. I just couldn't finish any of her lakorns after that and giving a KC a chance was rally something because I could finish it and I enjoyed it very much. I find it that I like Yaya picking her roles to a much more mature audience would make me like to see her lakorn more in the future.

    Honestly I don't mind tik but his past few roles has been like watching a stone. He's gotten stiff and although he still eye candy, I probably wouldn't want him in here. I hope they change it and if not I really hope it turns out good.
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  19. sarN

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    My taste is different, lakorn that I find boring can be the biggest hit in Thailand and sometime lakorn that I enjoy , the forum itself are full with tumbleweed . I watch KC because it had my genre lol , both are eye candy , true , there are scene that I really love but honestly there was something lacking , I can't explain it and everyone know I'm into sadist stuff , I never try to hide my naughty mind , love revenge plotline & yes , them rscene too lol. I rate KC 4/10 . Don't let me explain why, I'm sure I'll get throw into a fire pit or eat alive loll
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  20. Thanks for your thoughts! :)

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