[CH3] Lai Kinnaree (Act Art): TikJessadaporn / Yaya Urassaya

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    If you are referring to me, no I am not bother if Yaya is someone's replacement. That's bound to happen when she is an actress and in the entertainment industry. What bother's me is that people started false rumor and make it confusing. I have a few friends who were confused as me whether Nune or Yaya is attached to this project as we were reading this forum. It doesn't bother them or me who is the n'ek, the story itself sounds interesting. It bothers me more that Tik is attached to this project because he is old and a stoic/stiff actor, LOL.
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    This is me ----->:confused0: lol. I guessed my post as well. I think I am legitly like this:confused12::confused12::confused12:
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    Its seems like lots of other people were confused and just stated that Nune would be a better choice if the p'ek is Tik lol. Just be happy she gets a role like this though lol.
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    You know who would be good with Yaya is Nine. Imagine them in a fierce lakorn man they would explode. Nine is a darling but he is young so I am sure he will make his rounds with some of the popular ones. His height alone would look good with just about anyone.
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    I'm not saying Yaya is Nune's replacement here. I'm just saying if she is, in any lakorn, does it really matter. Then if it doesn't then you answered my simple question.
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    I was really looking forward to this thread. Ya'll to be completely honest. I have no idea why u guys are going back and forth about this but I think it's about time to stop. I love this forum and asianfuse is always a place for free opinion for everyone.....but right now, I think it will be more interesting to spazz about the lakorn or how it's going to be and if we were to be able to say who we like and don't like without feeling offended by it would be the best.

    Over the years I have seen some of tik's lakorns but he is stiff at some areas but my gaw I think he is better than some lol just saying I really don't like smart acting worse then tik. Lol but it will be interesting since I have never thought yaya and and Tik would make a lakorn with each other. I hope it be a revenge/romance lakorn hahaha.
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    To come back to this thread and what is link to, Dr. Pongsakorn, the writer of Lai Kinnaree post himself on his official facebook account that he is very joyful after knowing that Yaya will be Lady Pudsorn because Yaya is exactly as his imagination. And Dr. Pongsakorn's also certain that in lakorn, Yaya will be like walking out of the novel.

    Here the source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154798724956491&set=a.439031751490.228732.723871490&type=3

    Translation made by rosiemystica:

    "In my imagination, Pudsorn in Lai Kinnaree is beautiful, elegant, gorgeously slim, smart, quick-witted, has sparkling eyes and the smile that makes anyone who sees it get absent-minded. Like in this part of the novel: "Thank you very much na ka, sir." Pudsorn smiled to the young foriegn man. It was the smile that made Robert got absent minded for a short moment, since he never seen any Ayutthaya ladies as exquitsite and sweet as this lady before. ... "Well..." His boat was parked to drop off Lady Pudsorn at the dock of Wat Pradoo temple canal. And Robert just recalled that he hadn't known where this lady lived. ... "Lady, where does your house located?", the blonde hair foriegn guy asked in Siamese language fluently. ... "The district I live is called Wat Ta Pradoo Rong Dhamma. If you want to come to see me, ask people around where Dr. Mod's house is. It's problably not too hard for you, sir." ... She answered and then quickly turned back and walked away leaving just beautiful smell of her breast cloth which was put with a pleasant fragance and still embalming all in the air. ... -- When I got the confirmation from P'Off and P'Dang that the actress who will come to roleplay Lady Pudsorn is Yaya. I feel joyful, because Yaya is the exact for this role. Now I'm counting the day ... waiting for the first shooting day and looking forward to seeing this lakorn. I strongly believe that Yaya is certainly going to be Lady Pudsorn like walking out of the novel." - Dr. Pongsakorn, the writer of Lai Kinnaree (14/6/2017).


    Yaya FC must feel proud that the screenwriter comes himself to praise Yaya like this. This should end off the matter about "does she fit the role?"
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    Count me in. I'd would love to see them together too.
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    Thank you so much sasuke06 for sharing the translation of Dr. Pongsakorn's post.

    I read it at Pantip Thai Forum and was thinking about translating it here, but I wouldn't be able to do as superb job as rosiemystica who translated it.

    I'm so happy and proud of Yaya when Dr. Pongsakorn said she fitted the exact image of the lady/heroin who walked out of the novel: beautiful, elegant, exquisite, poise, intelligent, and quick-witted.

    That's a great compliment for Yaya coming from the author himself.

    Not sure if Yaya's character required to speak any foreign languages in here since this is a period lakorn.
    She won't have any problem speaking any of them since she can already speak six different languages.

    The author himself cannot wait till the fitting day and looks forward to watching this lakorn.....so do we!!!
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    Wish they would have found someone who matches the discription of p'ek too ( tall, dark, and handsome) lol j/k don't kill me Tik fans
  11. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Oh ya, to clarify some of my previous posts about Noon being in here. The intention was to have Noon in this, but I think this project was sorta in the talks stage at the time. Not sure if it was before or after they acquired the rights. They probably was very hesitant that they would be given Yaya (as previously mentioned by other posters they have been waiting for 5+ years). Noon appeared to be one of the appropriate choices as she has experience in these types of roles and they worked with her before in Tong Neua Gao. There are several, I think 3? To this series. They were probably not expected to be given Yaya, they were probably hesitant to confirm. So, in short, no one is anyone's replacement. Cause, maybe they want Noon in one of the other lakorns of this series?

    I'm still hesitant about Tik being pra'ek. I was hoping and praying they would switch Tik to a different project and put Grate in here instead or Andrew lol. I like Tik but I feel he isn't as passionate about acting nowadays. For me personally, I feel his last best acting was in Luerd Kattiya. Loved him in Soda Gub Cha Yen, Prissana, Tawun Tad Burapa, Wang Waree, Luerd Kattitya, Roy Leh Sanae Rai, and Tok Kra Dai Hua Jai Ploy Jone, but everything after that was like meh, I gave up.
  12. Vimalee

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    Just realize that there are three parts to this series.

    If Noon was considered to be in this part with Tik then it would be a very compatible pair in term of age and look-wise.

    Noon will be 37 in a few month and is still very beautiful. The story called for someone young and beautiful. 37 is definitely not old but I think the character in here is in her late teens or early twenties. Someone who have read the novel please let me know.

    Both Pe Off and Pe Dang have approached and talked to Yaya since last year. Yaya was very happy to learn that they have been waiting for her for so many years, and she was very excited to have another opportunity to work with them again.
    Yaya only mentioned the two current lakorns she was filming when people asked her about her new lakorns due to the respect for CH3 and the elders.

    Yaya is almost done filming with both lakorns: The Switching Bodies and the Crowned Princess. Pe Off then announced he would like to work with Yaya, and Pe Mam of No Problem said she had reserved Yaya and James Ma for her next lakorn.

    Why can't CH3 give Nok Chatjai company Yaya's queue for Plick Fah?
    Pe Mam already cast Yaya 5 or 6 times already! :BangHead::BangHead::BangHead:
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    I thought Plick Fah already went to Yaya?
  14. Vimalee

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    Yes, Plick Fah already went to Yaya, but Nok production is still waiting for her queue. Pe Mam seemed to get what she requested, and Yaya probably cannot turn down the production that made her a star.

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    So is it confirmed Tik to be in here with yaya? I hope so!!!! I am so looking forward to this pairing!!
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    Um. No. Tik and Yaya? No. Haha.
    Btw, hello my friends. Not sure I'll be back permanently, but I'm here now. Hehe.
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    Hi Phat! Welcome back! What have you been up to?
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    Haha. Thanks.
    I've been eating Kdrama's. Haha. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I still haven't caught up to Weir & Min's and Andrew & Matt's lakorn. All that waiting. . .
  19. Whao! What a thread! I am just not a fan of Yaya. She is going to play teenager roles again? I'm tired of Yaya repeating young girlie roles! She is in her mid 20's. She needs to stick to mature and serious roles! Don't get me wrong I don't hate her. Just not into her. This is my honest thoughts on Yaya! But she can always change my open mind! I'm looking for the acting aspect. As for Tik I am neutral with him.
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    Lol. If u dont like just dont watch. No one cares.
    AND No one can have everyone like him/her.
    Some people in this thread are really funny.

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