[CH3] Lai Kinnaree (Act Art): Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

Tik being dropped in general is an upgrade haha. I'm excited for this lakorn, the storyline seems really good! I hope they don't cast Louis as the french guy. He plays the second annoying lead very well.. like in Sawan Biang/Bupphae Sanniwat/Plerng Boon/ everything lmfao. I like him better as villain or lead on his own haha.
Mario is a perfect choice as the french guy :love: :thumbup::clap:i hope they will cast him


sarNie Adult
Nadech's preparing for this role well. His recent look on IG with the mustache and shaved bottom head of hair is evident enough.


sarNie Adult
I'm over here like, where is this fitting when the production is set to start next month :confused12: But looks like some team members and cast are still on vacay ... but NY have very clear schedules at least for events that are listed they may have shoots for ads that aren't anounced but otherwise I'm expecting this week or next week for a fitting... although I don't know why I'm waiting for a look of their fitting when Act Art keeps their bts on lock down and if you're an NY fan you know how it is...... :risas3::risas3: other productions get fb live and coverage of fittings while NY fittings, fans get nothing but a scolding for no damn reason lol

Meanwhile NY are getting ready for their roles. Yaya got bangs... don't know why doesn't really fit majority of the stereotypical looks for Ayuttaya ladies... but according to her new interview she's starting two lakorns soon. The bangs might be for that second lakorn, should be the one with Mario...that one might start later LATER coz he just started a new movie too unless Era guy has more surprises lol

I was getting veryyyyy excited for this look on Nadech. Luang In is supposed to be big and buff (Pudsorn refers to him as, kon tua toh), broody, and has a goatee.

Then he shaved it all off... me was gutted! I was hoping he'd wear a real goatee here coz that fake ass one in trkj was ugly then they put that orange bronzer on him lol nasty lol but Act Art should make him look more realistic for the times...Luang In should be around this look... but it's unrealistic for Nadech to have a beard for at least a year so he most likely will have a fake one.