[CH3] King Kasalong (No problem): Yaya Urassaya/ James Ma


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Yeah, James and Yaya so far looks unflattering in here. And I say it with a serious tone cause it's hard to make Yaya that way. Anyhow, hopefully this is better than his lakorn now. James need some quality lakorns.


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I'm quite excited to see the horror aspect of this. I know it's not major horror but I've yet to see JMa play in an aspect of horror. The cast seems like a ball of fun too! If this finishes in April, I'd be more excited.


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This lakorn is so many things at one time, I'm slightly confused. If they pull it off though, it will be epic.

It must be so much fun (also tough) for Yaya to play with so many different looks. She has the kind of face that can be styled in a lot of ways.

Slightly off topic, but I really like those ads where she plays with different looks - CutePress, some Maybelline ads. I guess this lakorn is the acting equivalent of that :p
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Screenshot_20190124-122841_Instagram.jpg 20190124_122747.jpg 20190124_122737.jpg 20190124_122727.jpg 20190124_122716.jpg 20190124_122703.jpg 20190124_123147.jpg Screenshot_20190124-123013_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20190124-122953_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20190124-122933_Instagram.jpg cr. @noproblemfg @penpakss
More picture of behind the scene

Ps. Im started to feel the vibe of this drama. I know it so hard to play twins in 3 different lifetime:nut: Im rooting for her:cheer:
From her previous drama, she already play so much character like good/innocent girl (DJA, TNNKR, NNS, GRGR) , b*tch kind of girl (LLSR) , strong and independant woman (KC, LR ). With this so much experience, I believe p'Yaya gonna make this character successful. Trust me;)
For the outfit, at first im not so into it (please dont hate me:worship2:) because at the early production of this drama theres not much picture of her in this cloth, but now with this so many bts pic its actually so beautiful and look so good on her:icon12::love: Ughhhh she's freaking goddess. And I really like her in thai traditional clothes more:love:

Im so looking forward to this drama. I wish good luck to all team production, actor/actress. I really cant wait to watch this already. :aaaaa:
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