[CH3] Khun Ying Jom Khaen (Master One): Bomb Tanin/Toey Jarinporn


sarNie Oldmaid
Stating one opinion does not make one mean. We all have our reason for Bias & unbiased towards an actor.

I didn't see any pix, they probably are physically compatible....

This lakorn was 1 of my favorites growing up...Kat and Mot was halarious


sarNie OldFart
Bomb to me have been given so many chances to be a pra'ek but somehow he still can't quite deliver. He seemed like a hard working fellow and listened to criticism well but on screen he is very one dimensional. Put it this way, Bomb is slightly better than Smart...and that isn't saying much. But he has the height though and he will match Toey will cause girl is short


sarNie Adult
But have you guys seen Bomb as a gay dude in that one lakorn with Pream and Masu? I think it'll be his best role! Totally bought him as a flamboyant gay man in the short bts clips we have so far.


sarNie Egg
Well I don't think Toey match bomb tanin because he too tall for her . We need a reunion of MT together . I wanna to seen them together again since their first drama together.. however bomb acting skilled still not good enough ? Why they stilling prompt him...


sarNie Oldmaid
Is that Mew and Pop? Are they going to be in here pair up? If they are I might give this a try since I like Mew and Pop and Toey.


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Love how tiny toey is lol, this reminds me of when she paired with Ken P.


sarNie OldFart
I like Toey and I usually give Bomb lakorn a try no matter how bad he is in it...until up to a few episodes.


sarNie Adult
Bomb lost some weight. He's slim down a bit. I like him in Cubic so i don't mind him. As long as i like the storyline, i'll give the cast a try. Hey who knows, they might be cute on screen.


Toey snatching up these projects !.
I for some odd reason liked Bomb in that Cubic drama with Mint.C (then again I think I had low expectations from that drama in general so I just watched it with my brain switched off lol)
One thing is for sure at least their height difference will be cute lol
I actually liked Bomb from SJ series. He was such a stiff actor though! Oh my! He portrayed poor emotions! But he was cute with Taew. :)