[CH3] Khun Mae Suam Roy (Rak Lakorn): Pop Thakoon/Bua Wansiri/Judo Tantatch

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    Omg every time when I meant to click on the BPS thread and accidentally landed in here, I’m so confused when I see Na, Da lol always in the wrong thread lol
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    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

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    Thanks, one lakorn I'll be skipping, doesn't look to appealing to me lol.
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    So basically after this lakorn ends I'll have nothing to follow for a while :(
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    koojin I know you're lookin at Steph's abszzzz

  6. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    SO CUTE.

    I love how she went to hug him for more emotions for the scene. I wish there were more to those scenes in the actual scenes on the lakorn.

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  7. wuzhangs

    wuzhangs "We can build a warm family together, my princess"

    omg! I thought i heard the director went 'cut!' Or was it action am not sure But look at both pop and bua were sooooo into the scene..
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    Bua went to hug Pop to get the feeling to come. It's not in the storyline but she just needed to add energy to her acting. At least that's what it says in the caption. LOL.

    บื้องหลังฉากดราม่ามหาโหด...มันยากมากนะกับการเล่นอารมณ์ที่ซ่อนอยู่หลายชั้นขนาดนี้ การเป็นบัดดี้ที่ดี ต้องรับและส่งอารมณ์ให้กัน สมาธิต้องมี สติต้องมา อารมณ์ต้องคอนทินิว ความรัก การเชื่อใจ ความสับสน การหักหลัง คำโกหก .. ล้วนต้องใช้พลัง ก่อนเล่นบัวโผเข้าไปกอดป๊อป เพื่อขอพลัง แล้วในที่สุดฉากนี้ก็ออกมาเป็นดราม่าแสนปวดใจของคนที่รักกันคู่หนึ่ง

    Behind the scenes of a drama scene...it's hard to act out the feelings that are kept inside this deep. To be a good buddy, you must receive and act out with your feelings. You need to have very good concentration and the feelings must continue. Love, Trust, Question (wavering), Backstabbing, Lies...It all needs energy, before acting, Bua went to hug Pop to gain more energy, and in the end, this scene has come out as a dramatic scene that is so heartbreaking between two lovers.
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    wuzhangs "We can build a warm family together, my princess"

    Same tbh. Well for me after BPS ends later I'll wait for James Ji and Taew Game Sanaeha
  10. wuzhangs

    wuzhangs "We can build a warm family together, my princess"

    Thank you @Bieluvr for translating!
    Woah.. the feels are definitely there, this scene was so sad :(
  11. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    Thanks for the trans. <3

    Since we're so close to the ending, here's some throwback pictures. I found some on Twitter that hasn't been shared yet on IG. At least I don't think some of them were.
    DV4sYMPVQAEPIJV.jpg DWfNV_1U8AcptFc.jpg

    DWpPUceV4AAKo4w.jpg DWpPUcfV4AEYKdJ.jpg DWpPUcfVoAArgZR.jpg DWpPUcgUQAE5Y9J.jpg DWvGiQPVQAAoXJG.jpg DXDP21pUMAEMNzk.jpg DXDQH_IVAAAdjFc.jpg DXDQoQbUMAAFhhC.jpg
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    OMG same! I've been waiting for Game Sanaeha for what feels like forever.
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  13. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    DXlRL6ZU0AA2a05.jpg DXVc9pZVoAAsZbo.jpg DXYeUQSVoAAzLpZ.jpg DY5vqK3XcAEb1E5.jpg DY44uwwVwAEnLU-.jpg DY96e43VQAAP_i5.jpg DYA5fl_VoAEWZGh.jpg DYnm1-MU0AAPsIC.jpg DYP0OhsU0AIjW3f.jpg
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  14. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    I found this one on Twitter. Did they already share it on IG? I can't remember. Anyway's, it's a bit longer than what we saw in the episode.

    Just sharing the video on here 'cause we all know we love it. 555

    DYY0d3uU0AEcexr.jpg DZDr-0-U8AAGFGN.jpg DZDr-0-VAAAaEPx.jpg DZDr-1BU8AAnpga.jpg
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    Thanks for sharing the pictures and Thank- you @Bieluvr for translating :).

    Amazing video :).
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    Maybe the writers will let Nat get prenant and have her own child as the compensation for all the trouble they gave her since the beginning :fighting3:
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    WTF.... :nut::risas3:

    Girlsss, new pic of today! Can't wait anymore!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    OMG. I need to spazzz, will put it under spoiler. Those of you who haven’t watch, please do not open. Hehe.

    Pheeewwww... thanks God there’s no R to Nath. And nothing happened between Thi and Da. I can rest peacefully tonight. :aaaaa::cheer:
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    ^ forcin myself to not open the spoiler! Lol

    Bua hair just looks amazing in this lakorn. I wish her hair stylist could be my personal hair stylist for free. Lmao
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    I haven’t watch but I couldn’t resist and I’m glad nothing happen.

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