[CH3] Fah Fak Ruk (Broadcast Thai Television) : Toey Pongsakorn / Mint Chalida

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    Yes!!! I've always wanted them to pair up, but after seeing them at the calendar signing I wanted to see them paired even more lol
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    Fah fak Rak sounds like a very romantic Lakorn but dude—Toey is meh...nothing about him is appealing to me so I don’t know how he and Mint will fare with their chemistry.

    If I had to translate “Fah fak Rak” it would mean something like ‘heaven endows love’. Sounds very romantic, but I already know I couldn’t count on toey and it will depend on how they dress Mint in here.:confused0: She’s been getting cheap wardrobes and bad hair styles nonstop.
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    I completely agree on both accounts. I've never actually watched Toey in anything, which is why I was a little excited when there seemed a possibility he wasn't going to be in here. I was hoping maybe they'd switch it to Ken P or Alex T, since I think they are both only filming one lakorn each. But alas I'll still try to tune in for Mint's sake.

    Honestly, I am not sure why Broadcast favors Toey so much. I don't find him particularly handsome, or talented as an actor. Of the Bang Rajan trio, (Toey, Punjan and Phet) I personally prefer Phet but that poor guy is so underrated.

    Mint always gets the short end of the stick in terms of lakorn wardrobes. Yaya and Kim have it way better. Margie might even have it better.
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    I only watched Toey in Khunchai Rachanon and Bang Rajan..I think he has a lot of potential. I think he will do well. I'm happy Mint is paired up with him and also this is a Broadcast Thai production which she has never worked with before.

    I hope we'll get full synopsis soon. It already sounds great based on what Cheer said.
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    Okay here are some news on K'Nong and her answer to why Cheer is not in here any more.

    Link to read the translate news:

    The news in Thai:


    I knew there was something fishing about why they said it was due to Cheer schedule so she no in here. It wasn't because of her schedule it was an excuse CH3 give out. Through out this hold thing its either Toey , K'Nong or CH3 confirm what going on with this lakorn. Cheer haven't even said anything. The only she confirm was last year that she going to pair up with Toey. Even if K'Nong denies CH3 pull Cheer out and replace her with Mint . In the end of the days its up to CH3 boss so even if K'Nong wanted Cheer in here its still come down to CH3 boss. I do feel bad for her because she getting negative comments from TC fans. I also understand the fans too. I feel bad for them that Cheer is not in here any more but they shouldn't have leave negative comments to K'Nong. Its Ch3 in the end who get to decide what to do.

    Even if K'Nong said Cheer and Toey will have another chance for a lakorn I don't think that will happened. Look at this lakorn if CH3 pull Cheer out than there no way will Cheer and Toey get to have a second chance to play with each other.
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    This kinda reminds me of how the elders of Ch3 chose Kim to pair up with Mario in Thong Ek Mor Ya though Sonix Boom (P' Kong Piya) talked to Mint first.

    Though it is not explicit, everyone knows.
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    ch3 is soo into kooJin so that was odd...
  10. xodxo

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    Oh— I didn’t know Cheer was a first choice. Ch3 does sound bias in this case, pulling her out bc she’s not contracted to them. Tik J was never contracted to them but he continuously work with them. I think in this case, it hurts the Toey/cheer shippers cuz they have most likely invested too much time and energy into the new koojin. But welcome to ch3, they’re subtly bias, they’ll ship ships they like only, unfortunately. They’re bias to people with contracts to them too, so don’t lose hope. Maybe it’s just how the hierarchy system works over there.:nut::nut:
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    xodxo Fifty shades of Mark&Mew. :)

    Yea, not sure why kNong favors him over the hotties like Phet and Pajan. Phet is handsome while Pajan is sexy and funny! Lol XD

    Yaya gets the best of everything. Kimmy looks like she improvise many of her outfits, cuz of her frame, she tries to piece the outfit that looks good on her body. I think Mint should ask to have her hair done differently instead of going off of the lazy stylist. She should also do like Kimmy, put together her own outfits. Cuz, not everyone will doll her up if she doesn’t ask for favors.

    The problem is Mint is going to be 25, if ch3 doesn’t offer her anything better, she’s going to be stuck repeating roles she’s been doing til who knows when?
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    what do you mean they talked to mint?? please explain... can't get any dara news here... >.<
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    If I recall correctly, there was new that P'Kong contacted Mint and gave her the script to look over. And Mint said something along the lines that she really liked the script and she wanted to play in it, but that it was up to the elders to decide if she could act in it. Then not long after that rumors started swirling about Kim being cast instead, and eventually those rumors were confirmed.
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    I was going to post this last week but the site wasn't working so here is Cheer interview on this lakorn.

    Cheer have an event last week and she finally get to answer why she wasn't in this lakorn any more. Her first interview about this lakorn.

    Link to the clip:

    A friend help translate this clip:

    Cheer said she sorry she isn't in this lakorn and feel sad for the fans and apology to the producer and everyone.


    I'm glad that Cheer didn't use the excuse like CH3 use on her that she pull out because of her busy schedule.

    I totally agree with you @xodxo that ch3 hurt TC fans a lot by doing this. The fans put in to much for these two and to have ch3 do this to them. They are upset. I don't get it why ch3 did this. I read for sure Tono and Nychaa lakorn is going to let a green light on the go to film but have to put on hold a little while since K'Nong is busy filming her other lakorn at the moment. I hate ch3 for not letting Cheer be in this lakorn and make excuse while for Tono and Nychaa lakorn they give it a green light.

    I guest this is the end for me to watch ch3 lakorn. They lost a view. :celebrate16:
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    Yeah it does seem weird that they would not approve a Toey and Cheer reunion, but they've green-lighted Tono and Nychaa lakorn. Don't get me wrong, I adore Tono and Nychaa, and I am happy they're reuniting. But I feel bad for Toey and Cheer fans who were originally promised this reunion only to be disappointed in the end.
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    Oh that’s too bad! I don’t mind Cheer and Toey in a reunion lakorn! Darn! :(
  17. Coca

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    hi everybody excuse me i want to confirm this lakorn that toey and mint will confirm play together right or not ... because i want to upload news to fan mint in cambodia know about this news ... i want get real news not rumor news .... please tell me also and thank before hand ... i am fan club of mint chalida cambodia .....:love::love:
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    ^^^^Theirs no confirmations yet only that Cheer will not being playing in this anymore.
  19. thunder143

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    Thanks for the info...
    It's funny about this coincidental pattern....
    After Mint paired up with Mark, Kim later paired up with Mark
    Then, Mint paired up with James Ma, then Kim also paired up later with James.
    Then now, after Mint's Two Spirit's Heart with Mario, Kim has an upcoming lakorn with Mario.
    And notice that Kim's drama with those 2 pra'ek have higher ratings(i think?) than their dramas with Mint.
    Now, I wonder if these streak will continue and the upcoming drama will have higher ratings than Two Spirit's Love. kekkeke
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    Actually, that's not really true. Pathapee Leh Ruk actually did pretty well I think. Mark and Kim's first lakorn together, Sarm Noon Nuer Tong, was average in terms of popularity. But I think that's partly because the writer's gave Kim's character zero personality or agency and Mark's character was pretty much just a generic nice guy. It wasn't until their second lakorn Punyachon Kon Krua that Mark and Kim really hit it big and became koojin. As for Mint's first lakorn with James Ma, if we are going off ratings, it was the highest rated lakorn either of them has had to date. But James and Kim's lakorn got a lot of buzz, since both Kim and James have pretty large and loyal fanbases.
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