[Ch3] Duay Raeng Atitharn (Guts Entertainment) : Tik J/Mew Nittha


sarNie OldFart
Raeng Tawan is a million times vetter than KSTD lol Her and Aum had really good chemistry! Just wish they had more scenes together. What episode of Reng Tawan are you on?
Finishing up 11 right now where Kate is apologizing to Tawan for betraying him. I really like Peach and Aom too. She's so cute.


So I just read that Bella was suppose to be in here, but was doing PKNH instead?!?!? Waah. What a delight it would've been to see Belle and Tik!!!! I still like my Mew and Tik, but who would pass on Belle and Tik!!


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I really hope this is the deal breaker lakorn 555 cuz I’m pretty much bored lol :p


sarNie Egg
I think NangBarbv is taking this slot. The mv is out and new teaser. It stated airing weds-thurs. Pranang are Top Jaron with Yiwha and Navin tar and donut Manatsan playing the ghost of Nang Yod