[Ch3] Duang Taa Nai Duang Jai (Quiz & Quest)


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slowly catching up on this lakorn.. whoo so much to watch.. should've never made that lil pause hehe..

and sadly, i moved this thread to the "old lakorn" section T_T


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Man, I didn't know that this lakorn already ended. I'm only on episode 18. And my mom is already ahead of me too.And the funny thing is just just started watching it last two weeks ago. Man,I am slow. Thanks to my new job I haven't been watching lakorn lately.Thanks a lot Job! I really want to know what happen at the end? Can somebody tell me?Please!


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the grandfather r funny, i like his charator. boy r so cute to bad he didnt get no on at the end. first and yardthip r a cute couple in here. liking the lakorn hope yardthip get more main role


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I did too like the beginning. I didn't think First's brother was going to like Yard too. Wish they didn't make him like her too. it was just weird. two brother fighting for the same girl. but the good thing is that both of them were honest about it and fought for her instead of one giving in to the other because they were brother. but i could have done fine without the brother liking yard too. First and Yard had their moments which was cute. I like First, but i think he still need improvement on his acting. I thought he was good on his first lakorn i seen of him with Mint. This one, he lack something. But he was still cute. i don't mind see more pe'ek role for him.

I love his mafia type character. LOL.


I notice when Yard's character was drugged and all..her kissing First and all. First's neck and chest were all red. He must have blushed so badly. They actually had a bath scene too. Wow. Lol.


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loving this lakorn. first and yard make a cute couple in here. first just make me blush everytime he with yard. boy cute too, to bad he didnt get no one at the end. and the grandfather he just funny