[CH3] Ded Pbeek Nang Fah (Who & Who) : Son Yuke/Patricia Good


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Apparently, Push may not be in here. It will probably go to Son again.
From KCL:  
@ มีข่าวเล็ดลอดออกมาว่า “ดีเจพุฒ” พุฒิชัย อาจไม่ได้เล่นละครเรื่อง เด็ดปีกนางฟ้าของ “ไก่” วรายุฑ ซะแล้ว เห็นทีแฟนละครช่อง 3 คงบ่นเสียดายกันอุ
 @ งานนี้โผอาจตกมาที่  “สน” ยุกต์ ทำให้ปีหน้ามีละครเล่นถึง 3 เรื่อง ดวงใจพิสุทธิ์ เด็ดปีกนางฟ้า และของเอ็กแซ็กท์อีก 1 เรื่อง  ฮอตจริงจริ๊งพ่อคู้น


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Son gave an interview like I think last month or maybe a few weeks ago that he asked p'Kai about it and he said nothing was changed from the original but he also didn't confirmed that he was the original pra'ek or not.


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The photos are so adorable! I've seen both of their lakorns and the chemistry between them is way too good. :love:
The story lines in KS and MRR aren't memorable, but I definitely remember their chemistry. They have an innocent kind of connection. I can't explain it. Will definitely be tuning in for this one!


sarNie Adult
gosh! arnt they CUTE !!!!!:love:
they look as tho they are on their honeymoon.

credit to: Son's IG and rightful owners
Awwww they look so adorable in these pictures. I haven't seen their previous dramas yet, but will surely turn in this one.


I like Patricia's cute dimples! But uh I am just not a fan of Son or Patricia. I had a hard time finishing Lom Sorn Rak because of Patricia's bad acting. Sorry to Patricia's fans. I know she is young yet and she has a good chance of improving though! :p