[Ch3] Dang Duang Hareuthai (Who & Who) : Tik J/Kim Kimberley


sarNie Granny
i too find it out of the blue :lol: Kai the producer has another lakorn he is filming in this period this is why we didn't get update for this so i guess we will get one once they start filming again
Oh okay, thanks for the info hun :).


sarNie Tombstone
they are far from being end filming they didn't even filmed 40%

what i know is the producer has another lakorn he is producing at the same time


I’m so gald that kim is cast is a princess i mean she is really suit this kind mature role i missed her I hadn’t watch any of her hi so girl, kim has the vibe of mature & powerful female lead & smart roles.She was my first actress i watched her Lakorn & check all her pervious lakorn but these few years she has been typecast, I’m so hyped too see her in this role i know she will shine & show her charm.
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so they are in the middle of surveying other areas for filming location? I'm not in a hurry tho.

It would be nice if they resume once Kimmy is half-way done with her lakorn with Mario so that she can focus on the role of being a princess. I'm thinking it would be hard to switch from the boyish Chaba to her princess character in here.


I think Aum would've been a great choice. He has that natural authoritative look that would make him a very sexy patriarch. Hehe. After seeing him as King Taksin in NDFD I'm convinced I wanna be one of his concubines. Haha.