[CH3] Cupids Series Part 6 : Kammathep Sorn Kol (Broadcast Thai Television) Nychaa & Tono

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  1. lilyjoonki

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    Hahaha... so true! I was LOL-ing when he keep calling Nicha's mom "mommy,mommy" and her mom is sooo cool for playing along.

    There's never a dull moment when these two meet.
  2. SPMxoxo97

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    they seem more like an old married couple in here than they did in honeymoon travel.... maybe its the fashion? lol idk but that's definitely the vibe i'm getting here

    honeymoon travel is 'just married'... this is 50 years later :confused12:

    Oh another cute thing today, I was on IG and P'Mae had Tono's concert on live and I happened to click on the same time as Nychaa commented


    She said "su su ka" which is just an encrouagement word like "fighting"

    It was cute cause everyone was like "NYCHAAAAAAA" afterward
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    Part 2 is up now. It's gonna take a while since I can only do this on weekend. And don't forget to thank @SPMxoxo97 & @matty for the translation.:clap:
    Also, anyone who's interested to join us please send a pm. We welcome more people to contribute to the translation.:thumbup:
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    Thanks @SPMxoxo97 for keeping the thread alive. I almost missed the comment from Nicha if you didn't post it here hahaha..

    After the show, the fans quickly report to Tono like "You know, Nicha also watched the live video of your performance. She even drop a comment" . Tono then asked them what she said and the fans told him she left a encouragement words. Tono look very proud after hearing that but still call her Ting-Tong :pancarta:
  5. SPMxoxo97

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    YOU ARE AWESOME LILLY! thank you for your hard work!!!
  6. matty

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    Thanks @lilyjoonki and @SPMxoxo97 you ladies are awesome!!! :thumbup:
  7. saobomp

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    They are actually cute in this lakorn. The interaction are cute and funny. Cheesy and easy going.
  8. demideu

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    Thankyou for your hardwork guys :clap::thumbup:
  9. demideu

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    Is there any video when fans told him?
  10. SPMxoxo97

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  11. lilyjoonki

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    Found this on instagram and I think it perfectly describe Tono's affection towards Nicha.

    Seriously, I'm craving for more NoNi and getting greedy hahaha... When we can get another lakorn from them:worship2:
  12. demideu

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    And he liked that photo too hahaha
  13. lilyjoonki

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    Guyssss.... I seriously feel like being hit by emotional truck. I am moved and happy at the same time that I don't know what to feel.

    I only have time to keep up with NoNi's last few days work, today and I came across the videos of Nicha and Tono sang the same song.



    I got curious so I search for the lyrics and it got me in this emotional state.

    The lyrics somehow tells about their current situation and relationship status right now. I don't know if this just for the sake of promoting the koo-jin thingy, but it seriously hit me right on my heart.

    Check out the lyrics here
  14. SPMxoxo97

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    OMG i thought I was literally the only one who thought that this was actually really touching and quite beautiful. P'Mae posted the video of Nicha singing on her IG and i thought she was just fangirling over Nicha (lol I mean she does adore Nicha) then the next day Tono sang the same song and I was like "WHATTTTTT". Honestly from following Tono these past months, he doesn't seem like someone who would force himself to do something just for the sake of gaining popularity. if that was the case, they would have been the 'SWEET' koojin from the very start. remember what he said, "everything I have done from the very first day to this day came directly from my heart."

    I read someone's comment on youtube that goes "Waiting is a sign of TRUE LOVE. It'll be one of the best decision can be made to prove it real. Failure will never overtake you if your determination is strong enough."

    There was another comment where this person talks about why they like NoNi. They said that NoNi seems to be the pair that never try to be sweet. They don't try to give you skinships to make fangirls crazy. But the farther they try to stand from each other, somehow they always ended up next to each other. And if you really watch all of NoNi interactions, you'll see how true it is that they really don't try but it all come off so naturally just as if they aren't even aware of their actions either.

    Nicha seems to trust Tono alot, she seems to depend on him alot too. Everytime they have anything together, you can tell that Nicha feels like "ah P'No is here. I can lean on him now." there was that live her mom did for the coke event where Tono showed up late and Nicha said "Tono is here yet" and she looked quite down saying that, lol it got a lot of fan screaming. Tono also seems to respect Nicha a lot. despite all of the teasing, i think he knows really well when to not cross that line. he waits for Nicha to initial a lot of time, he gives her the kind of respect that you wouldn't notice unless you're like me who is pretty much a hardcore shipper now lol.

    During one of his concert, before he sang Aep Ruk, he said "this song is for..." and the fans screamed "who who who" he paused for a while (you can tell he was teasing his fans) and then he said "for the person who makes my life brighter at the moment" ... he can try to go around and tease and say this and that... but everytime he sings Aep Ruk, we will always think of Nicha. I mean "the person who makes my life brighter" boy who you trying to play, that's NICHA!

    for this couple...nothing expresses them more than "actions speak louder than words"
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  15. matty

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    I'm so with you gals...Proong Nee Mai Sai Tee Ja Ruk Gan (Tomorrow is not too late for us to love each other) was one of my favorite song from back in the days and when I heard her sing it, I was excited...then I heard him sing it the next day and I was like WHAT?!!! Is there something special and meaningful about this song?!!!
    I was more excited about this song than Ab Ruk because it was normally not a song he sings in concerts so it seem to be specifically chosen whereas Ab Ruk was a song he sings often in concerts so it seemed convenient to sing it to her. Proong Nee song kind of came out of the blues and both of them sung it a day after each other...and Nicha even watched the concert live on Line and sent encouraging words!!! I hope I'm not reading too much into it :aaaaa:but even if I am...it still makes me really happy! :cheer:
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    I should be sleeping but ... I ended up stalking NoNi... so here are some cute photos that no one asked .... :nut:

    IMG_7623.JPG IMG_7624.JPG IMG_7625.JPG IMG_7626.JPG IMG_7627.JPG IMG_7628.JPG IMG_7629.JPG IMG_7630.JPG IMG_7631.JPG IMG_7632.JPG
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    IMG_7642.JPG IMG_7643.JPG IMG_7644.JPG IMG_7645.JPG IMG_7646.JPG IMG_7647.JPG IMG_7648.JPG IMG_7650.JPG IMG_7652.JPG IMG_7653.JPG
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    Did anyone here watch cupid fanmeeting in Line TV?
  20. SPMxoxo97

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    I live in the US so can't access it :/

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