[CH3] Chuamong Tong Mon (TVScene) : Masu Junyangdikul / Preem Ranida / Bomb Tanin


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yes it will air weekend slot on those days you mentioned
Hey Tubby Tinker, thank you for telling me. But can i bother you with another question. Sorry to ask you lots of question. Do you know who will be subbing this lakorn?


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I saw previews of this in Facebook and dare i say it.... It seems Bomb finally has a role where he shines! I didn't understand his dialogue but i found him cute and endearing on scene playing a flamboyant gay guy hahaha. I love Bomb in this one! I am very much looking forward to the subs @TubbyTinker! More power to you!
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Seriously this is Bomb's best role. The story focused on him a lot. And I love his character. Lol...I feel his character. I would pay money to see him as n'ek


I'm so in love with the first episode. It's funny and Masu is just too cute. Bomb is doing a perfect job with his role too. I love Preem's character, but it's just that Preem's character seems too good to be real. There is no one in this world who can be that innocent and naive. Can't wait for the next episodes.


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I really like the first episode. That giving birth scene had me cracking up so bad! I agree that Bomb is doing a great job at playing the gay character, may I say adorable at times hahaha and I love watching Masu & Preem scenes together too. I like how Masu character is supposed to be this player but he doesn't hit on Preem like what a player should be doing, if you know what I mean haha. Maybe he doesnt see her as someone "hot" cuz she' just plainjane lol


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Lol, Bomb is so in character in this clip. Masu is almost as tall as Bomb, both guys are tall. Masu just need a little more muscle to make him look manlier. The boy has a killer smile.
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Yeah Bomb is kinda cute in here. I'm hoping there's a way for him to come back for real at the end but don't see how cause his body will be gone. I'm looking forward to seeing the friendship of Preem and Ghost Bomb and more of the brothers relationship with Bomb/Masu more than the romance.


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I'm loving this. It's so cute and all 3 leads are adorable. I wasn't impressed with Masu in Kluen Cheewit but he's cute here and I love his character too. I just wish they wouldn't put so much makeup on him. It looks like he has more on than Preem.

Other than that this is the first lakorn in a long while where I'm looking forward to the next episodes.


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I love the first episode cant wait to see more with Preem and Ghost Bomb, the brothers and the romance.