[Ch3] Buang Athithan (WaveMedia) : Mark Prin / Patricia Tanchanok


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
Dang, Mark is so handsome suited up! Pat is seriously gorgeous as well! Really looking forward to this.


sarNie Juvenile
Honestly, Mark dresses too well for this lakorn! He looks mighty handsome! What a beautiful charmer! He makes my heart jiggly and warm! hehehe  :dance1:     :heart:  :yes:
Awww. Mark, you are too handsome! You could melt a wishful girl's heart! Lol :bhehe:


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Opening Ceremony





















sarNie Adult
Yard is HOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Reminds me of Ammaruetalai. I kinda want her to be the n'ek. She looks so good next to Mark


sarNie Tombstone
tinah said:
^^thats right, the wardrobe that yard has onlooks similar to that lakorn. Im glad shes back on screen
she's gorgeous, seeing her wearing now i wish Ch3 can reconsider her for Sanae Ha Sari 


sarNie Juvenile
Beautiful! Cant wait for them to start filming and release more BTS! Mark is beautifully handsome as always! Two cute girls by his side is another bonus! :)


sarNie Juvenile
Yard looks freaking HOT as the ghost! OMO! She's going to steal the thunder in here in terms of n'ek! hhahahaha Mark sticking his tongue out is so cheesy but cute.! LOL Thanks for sharing! I am getting more and more excited as filming has officially begin!!!!!!!!


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I like the fitting pictures. Mark looks handsome and the girls are looking hot too! Pat still looks like a little girl..hope I can enjoy her in here.