[Ch3] Buang Athithan (WaveMedia) : Mark Prin / Patricia Tanchanok


sarNie Tombstone
noydarny said:
I think this is probably the second one Buang Pisawaat by LaKornThai. Pranang might be Mew and Pope.
don't think Pope will have time for Buang Pisawat since Khun Nong Broadcast has booked him for Bpoop Phae Saniwaat pairing with Chompoo 


sarNie Tombstone
noydarny said:
Someone said its Nadech and Mew. I would love to see this two together.
i think it makes more sense to Nadech and Mew since Lakornthai they favour him, as for Pope his Broadcastthai idol 


sarNie Hatchling
Translation of Khun Tu's recent interview from Dailynews
"As for my other lakorn, Buang Aittarn, right now we're still looking at the script and determining how fast are we able to write the script. We're trying to have it finished by this year but we don't know if we'll have it done on time or not as this is a big production. It'll be a period lakorn where Mark is pairing with Wawwa. I've had a lot of questions, more so than the Boy/Mint pairing about whether they will match each other because Wawwa isn't a full time nang aek yet. I've talked with the Channel and told them that I see potential in her so she should be promoted. The elders also agreed that Wawwa should be able to pull it off so as a start, we're pairing her with Mark to see how things turn out. You could say that we're using Mark to push Wawwa. Wawwa should be able to act and correspond well with Mark because she has strong capabilities in her acting. I believe that viewers will love and believe that she is that character for real. I also like her face as well because she's very attractive. Honestly, if we're able to cast a koo jin, it'd be great but their schedules aren't free. I have to accept that pairing a koo jin together definitely helps to boost the lakorn. But it's a good thing that my lakorns are able to assembles different actors that you don't see working together in other works". 


sarNie Adult
Thanks for the translation Hsdsfan! I'm glad it's still Wawwa and Mark here, I'm personally very excited to see how they will look together and I totally believe that Wawwa is a nangek material, glad they are giving her a chance!


sarNie OldFart
I'm still not feeling Wawwa being the nang'ek but whatever, i wont be putting any hopes on this lakorn. i'll just watch it for Mark, i guess.

And yes, thanks for the translation hsdsfan.


ahaha when I think of Wawwa, I envision Nychaa even though they are like two totally different people. I'm happy that p'Tu isn't reusing koo-jins.  Like come on, koo-jins all year every year. ahahah no! Esp, give Mark a break! I love my koo-jin, but I can't keep up with the same cycle of koo-jin.  Mark really needs a break from all the girls he's paired up with.  He needs to line up with Taew, Mew N, Pat, Nychaa (hehe), Preem, and anyone that he hasn't paired up with.
Bottomline, glad to see Mark with someone else.  And, I cant believe this lakorn is period.  WOW. Wanna see how Mark looks like in period clothing and style. lol. Please no mustache, it would look really silly. 555+++
Yet, I'm still not feeling Wawwa either. Never watch her, and this is her first nang'ek role, so Mark really has to push her. Lol. Mark has to make all the move and send all the right eye contact. lol 
Well, they're still just writing up the script, so maybe by that time Wawwa might be replaced already. Who knows??? Lol.
Mark will have a lot of lakorn this year, going into 2015. Hope he accepts another one, another really good one from a good production.  I wanna see Taew with Mark so bad. lol


sarNie Egg
I don't think Wawwa is nang'ek material. And she looks kinda old for Mark.
Since this is period lakorn, can I hope for some shirtless Mark scene? *drooling*
I hope Mark can pair up with Preem, Namtarn, Nychaa, Patricia and Mew Nittha. I love MK but I think they need to take a break from each other after Ab Ruk Online.


I love Wawaa and see a lot of potential in her. This isn't her first nang ek role either. She is a nang ek in the sixth sense and sometimes the supporting couples story is way better than the leads. Mark and Wawaa look adorable together. Can't wait for this to start filming. And I'm just glad to see Mark with new nang ek to prove he can act and get along with other people and not just his close group of friends. I'm also glad Wawaa is getting a variety of pra eks for a newbie.


- Marina ♥
I like Wawwa, I think she is very pretty and talented.
As for Mark and her, I think they'll be a great pair.
I'm excited for more updates.


❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
I'm totally fine with Wawwa, i think she a decent actress! Glad Mark is pairing with someone new!


sarNie Juvenile
To be honest, Wawwa doesn't look pretty but I hope she proves me wrong into the future.


Expired Sarnie
What?!? Wawwa and Mark? RS (more like Khun Tu) totally ruined Wawwa's image for me LOL and now she is in another Wave Media Production? Guess she lucked out that Khun Tu and her are very good friends. What happen to the good production that did Pon Prom Onlaweng? Anyways I am willing to give Wawwa another chance, but not so sure about Wave Media. Maybe she needs to work with another production team. 

As for Mark, the last lakorn that I actually like him in was Neur Mek 2. Well I think that is the only lakorn haha. PLR didn't count. 


DaisyDukes* said:
ahaha when I think of Wawwa, I envision Nychaa
I was watching Cubic and saw Nychaa and she definitely reminded me of Wawaa, they can pass as sisters you know. No wonder you envision Nychaa when you think of Wawaa.


sarNie OldFart
Wahhh?!? Patricia? Yay :( I like her but I don't like Mark. At least she's pairing up with Nadech in Lom Sorn Ruk. 


sarNie Hatchling
Yeah. Apparently Khun Tu has some beef going on with Wawwa. She came out earlier to say that Wawwa behaved inappropriately and has no manners, discipline or good work ethics so as a result, she's pulling her out of the lakorn.