[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee

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Chario, I'm watching. But so far only till Episode 5 over the weekend, as I continue between the other movies. I like everything about him, but till now still thinks the girl isn't that beautiful. I think it's her hair net that I don't like. And lots of CGI..... one thing about BPS is there's no such frills so it's less distracting. The romance is lovely though, I like this kind of build up. The hero is so stuffy hehheeeee.... love to see these kind of guys falling in love.
Hah..you haven't met the real hero yet. >cough< >cough<...:naughty2: you will go through 3 phases watching this drama. You are still in the first phase where the hero hasn't even born yet :pancarta:. About the heroine, you will get attracted to her as time goes by. During the 3 phases, you will see different sides of her with different dressing style too.

Chario mintmario

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Episode 12 end, and 13

Of all Rheung's scenes I like it when he finally opens up he likes to visit Janward. Date was going off to France then & he was giggling that Rheung didn't care that he's there. But Rheung don't dare because of her mum. Her reply "She's being a mum, but you - you should know what to do." Hehhehh .... I thought Janward is beautiful in those close-ups with her mum when she got home. These are two very elegant actresses & have great chemistry as mother/daughter. "You went to see Khun P off - but did you meet anybody else there?" Because she didn't want to accept Rheung as son-in-law!!

But Rheung gets cute here. Kade is pushing him to go all the way with Janward; haha he doesn't know what perseverance means. Then he goes under cover. Like a little brown monkey he paddled up & down her neighbourhood with that boatful of lame green bananas..... fortunately the servant who always spotted him while out there doing chores can't complain as she's got a speech handicap.
Yeah..I also feel they have so much chemistry as mother-daughter. Khun Ying Nim is still so beautiful and elegant for her age. These two portray high class people so well that you feel their status is too high to reach...lol...

"My mother is like just mothers of everybody. She just needs to be sure. How could she be sure? It's your duty" :thumbup: that's so useful for us to reply to a guy...haha

And yeah you mentioned about Reung..this guy is not smooth. Everyone could see he is acting like a theif with his disguise.:risas3: I cracked up whenever I rewatched that scene.

P.S. you know what? Though Janward-Reung have very few scenes together but each scene between them show significant progress in their love story. Each scene is powerful...in Thai they said "Noi tae mak" it means "a little but a lot". No wonder many audiences were also rooting for them.
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Sanoplus: P'Pope delivery boy!

One of the lucky fans whom P'Pope delivered the products and flowers tweeted - the 1st gal with the curler in her hair. I translated from weibo cos i think it's just too cute, must share! How the gal fell into the trap... keke :risas3:

* The gal said that when the "cheat" called, he acted really v well and said the company name wrongly on purpose - something "sa sa"... So the gal wasn't prepared at all and went to collect the delivery in that state - hair curler and all.:eek::p

*P'Pope buddy, Kingkonbai, asked the gal if she knew P'Pope was coming. Before the gal can reply, P'Pope already answered for the gal "If she knew, would she have come down like this?"
(haa, this cheat is really confident!)

*Before he left, still told the gal "we'll help you do up/edit the promo video cutely... don't worry" :thumbup: (this guy is just too funnily sweet, sweetly funny!)

*The gal said she threw away the hair curler after that.... seeing it caused her heart pain. (Haaa :crybaby2::risas3:)

But I'm sure P'Pope will remember such a cute fan!;)


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agree with all of them. somehow 90's and early 2000's drama and lakorn interest me very much. I think thai lakorns in that time were the best even if the acting was a bit over the top and dramatized/exaggerated. Most of them are being remade now but the elegance is lost.
P.s. it doesn't help that they try to insert comedy and extra romance in places where they don't fit. Also the fact that they make the second leads pathetically evil doesn't't help either


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Ok, I just finish watching Bella's lakorn Plerng Chimplee. I got to say I just love it. Bella is so gorgeous in the lakorn. Plus I love the scenery. Thailand is so beautiful, and it makes me want to go there.
My next lakorn will be Padiwarada, but I have to take a break because of my asthma. I have problem breathing right now. My sister says that if I don't take a break and rest, she will take away my laptop. So I have to give in to her.

Anyway, thank you for all the updates.
Hi @lovenk you've got what? Asthma?? Oh SO sorry to know that, girl. Hope you've got the proper meds that doesn't cramp you watching your/our favourite movies. So naughty your sis wanting to kidnap your laptop away hehehee..... Bella's that drama has some of the most gorgeous scenery, and I like the scenes of the bridge and rivers. Have a wonderful time watching !!