Ch3 43rd Anniversary - Soccer Match


sarNie Adult
Cannot wait, get to watch soccer, goodlooking players, and my yadech performing, cant ask for more! thanks for video alice


sarNie Hatchling
hmmm. I never see mario & nadech go practice, I wonder how they going to play the soccer match.. Last year Mario scored a point for them, I wonder abt this year. This two hot Pra"ek must be too busy.


I got to orange seem to be in there to win it as team green is there to goof around! Both James are in one team...their Pee Chai Yai is on da other team hehehe also is Bomb right??? Correct me if i'm wrong lol anyways cant wait!!!


sarNie Hatchling
Aff!!!! She's sooo pretty...i miss her a lot


sarNie Adult
it's time to raiding some stars' ig!




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omgggg my feed is full of these gorgeous human creatures appearance and the hype, they're like uploading new photos every seconds


Kim looks so beautiful in blue.  Her hair and make up is nice!! Wooot!!
its a tie now and time is over. there's a final kick to determine the score.