Ch3 43rd Anniversary - Soccer Match


CR: Kimmystation
On April 6th, this year, MK and Peter & Janie will lead the opening parade. So excited!!! They're going to sing a lively/happy song as well! Thanks to Ninja007 & Danielle
Wonder who with who??? All i know is tat da team color are Light Orange and Soft Green...from da shirt da dara/host are wearing lol


WOW i'm cheering for all da hot one...which mean all my favorite hehehe GO Rome, Grate, Boy, Mark, James, Aum, Nadech, KenP


its def exciting waiting for the match, the costumes and the ladies and guys and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people!!!!!!!!!!!! april 6 is a long while though lol


@ Channel 3 all of theirs actresses & actors are really close! they are one big FAT family lol...other Daras in other channel must be really jealous LOL JS JS :woot2: :woot:


sarNie Adult
CH3 feels like a big warm loving family, this is such a nice annual event where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves. GO THE GREEN TEAM!! 
ps. p'aum artichart if you are going to dedicate a kick to your mrs this year, make sure you dont miss again LOL, i shouldnt laugh my nadech didnt do any better :coverlaf:


sarNie OldFart
Is Ken T not going to be playing soccer this year?  I don't see his picture.
Or is it that that picture are only half of the teammates for each team?