Ch3 36th Anniversary pics (RS vs Ch3 soccer)


sarNie Hatchling
wow...their outfits are so outrageous...but also very creative and very beautiful...they all look so nice...thanks for sharing...


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dan soooc ute in the clip, esp the part where tack said something about him..and he's like why did i interview you!

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photos. I enjoyed them all!! Everyone looks their best as always especially Por, Tye, Willy, Dan, Pat, Vicky, Lalita, and Joy. Great Show!! All the stars appear to be down to earth and loving...They're having so much fun...awe...


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Everyone looks georgous, especially (to me) Mew, Willy, Joy, Benz...well I would say all of them are very CUTE...

Don't know why...I have a feeling that tv3 will pair Mew and Willy again...they were together 2 times already in tv3 events...remember in tv3 2006 calendar...they both were together too.

If so, I'm happy 'cause my old memories would be back even though I love to see Willy with Ann, but it's my pleasure to see him with Mew again (at least one more time before they both retire).


Thankz for sharing the pics... :D ...some pics they were dressing so wierd ....all those the way who won?




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Here are more pixs that hasnt been posted it...Luv all the girls...they just look soooo pretty...(all credit goes to kapook)



(Chatchai & Tik's brother)



(Kade Thiyada)

(Joy Rinalee)



(Sirita Jensen)

Mara Phang

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Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos, BlueMoon and Arissa. Wow!! Everyone looks amazing, especially Por, Pat, Go, Mann, Woot, Ploy, Pang, Joy Siriluk, Ann Sirium, Lalita, Willy, Dan, Ann Thongprasom, Ning, Tye and Vicki.

It appears that Por and his crew from Power 3 Club (Go, Mann, and Woot) sang and performed on stage. How nice!! They're totally HOT and talented!! I want to see the show...

Mara Phang

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maijune said:
wow...nice does looks like they have so much seems like ch3 has more actors & actresses than ch7?...don't you guys think so....

Yeah, I agree with you Maijune. Channel 3 does have more actors and actressess than Channel 7. They're all awesome, too!! LOL