Ch3’s 48th Anniversary/Soccer Game

Discussion in 'Thai' started by xodxo, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. rennayj

    rennayj sarNie Adult

    Me too. I don’t really like Buang Hong as much. The first part of beginning was slow and second part through the end is ok. I feel it a little rush.

    Although I’m not a super fan of Matt I’m really looking forward to see MLFAS with Nadech if I have time to watch. I have watch some of her lakorns. My last lakorn that I watch of Matt is “Ruk Tong Om” with Great. She was pretty funny and interesting. I hardly watch any of lakorns now because I have been busy lately. Sometime I go on AFN to read the reviews or see if any lakorns is interesting to see lol. Is her lakorns “Kor Pen Jaosao Suk Krung Hai Cheun Jai” with Great W. and “Fai Lang Fai” with Boy P interesting to see? So I can put on my watch list.
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  2. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    It will depend what kind of genre you like.. I enjoyed both Kor Pen Jaosao and Fai Lang Fai. The osts are some of my fave songs. I have actresses I like but don't watch some of their work and others I don' like so sometimes see some of their stuff.
  3. ella0411

    ella0411 sarNie Adult

    She did great in Fai Lang Fai. You couldn't even see the real Matt. (Boy was just lacking, tho) Her forte, I think, is really heavy drama and comedy. I haven't watched the other one with Great.

    It depends what genre's are you most interested in. I like the ones with drama and a not-so-weak n'ek.

    For me, she's funniest in her old lakorns. I'm actually watching one now. She's hilarious. She's cute in MKLFF with Andrew, too. That's my first Matt's lakorn to watch, before Fai Lang Fai that made me her fan. I used to like Kim (because I shipped her with James Ma) but Matt got me with her acting skills. :naughty2:

    I'll try other actresses and koojins after I'm done watching all her lakorns.
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  4. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Her 1st lakorn with great was good. .made me a fan...her Lakorn w/film is too...loove her
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  5. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Idk how Alek is haha, but I agree that Mr. PJ has a good sense of humor. My first impression of him wasn't good though. Haha. I first heard about him due to an incident where he was pretending to be his gf and texted somebody to not text her anymore. I didn't like the fact that he was overprotective and full of jealousy. Haha. But I think he's learned his lesson.
  6. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    My all-time favorite Matt lakorn is Bride to Be. Second is PRPR, except it fell short at the end. Right now I'm watching KRHR, but her character is sooo annoying! Haha. I need to catch up on her other lakorns.

    My favorite character though is Lookjan. Hahaha.
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  7. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    So I'm wondering was Mint N at the event? I don' remember seeing her. Is she still signed with ch3??????
  8. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    I am thinking about a detective drama. She will be the pretty sexy mistress of a mafia man. Loving money and treated like a vixen because she acts like one. Still her character is grey and got motive of course lol and he he can act as a smart policeman (fighting for justice of course) that get to emprison her because she commited some crime or something and he proposes that "airhead vixen" a deal. She will have to give him information about his dangerous man :) in exchange of her freedom. What do you think about it ?
    Shall I propose this to ch3 ?
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  9. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    She, Koy and Lek were great in Bride to be. I loved my girl Maeya special appearance on 1st episode she looked gorgeous as a model. How can you sleep on Fah Krajang Dao :'( ?
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  10. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    I'm not a fan of Boy. Haha.
  11. kpopwarehouse

    kpopwarehouse purple hibiscus

    matt is to tall for him so its not like that would work either
  12. ella0411

    ella0411 sarNie Adult

    Me too. Haha. Though I haven't watched the Musketeers series yet. Boy disappointed me in FLF. It would've been better if it was another P'ek.

    Where can I watch that Bride to be with subs? There are lots of Matt's lakorns in dramacools but only raw, with no subs.
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  13. ella0411

    ella0411 sarNie Adult

    Matt isn't towering Pope here. There are lakorns wherein Matt doesn't wear heels. That would be fine. But I need a JMa-Matt reunion soon. They look better together these days than during Ka Badin :love: She's only doing MLFTS. Is James filming lakorns right now?

  14. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    Actually Boy was decent there
  15. rennayj

    rennayj sarNie Adult

    @ella0411 @okaylove Thanks for the suggestion I'm fine with any genre as long the storyline is good. I might also watch "Meun Kon La Faak Fah" with Andrew since he's my favorite veteran actor.
  16. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    Fah Krajang Dao I feel is highly under-rated, I personally think it was the best part out of the 3 Musketeers series & we were able to see Matt in a different light too as an actress. It was that show that confirmed to me Matt's ability to be versatile when given the opportunity, also why I really looked forward to FLF with Boy because they were great together in FKD.

    More pics I've come across (*sorry that I'm so James x Matt biased in this thread but I can't help it lol):

    DYK9fvBU0AEFTzE.jpg DYK9hjVU0AAj2Ff.jpg DYLEC-_VMAADzRh.jpg
    (cr: y_zforever)
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  17. alwaizemeeh

    alwaizemeeh sarNie Adult

    I really love Pope as the lovesick puppy in Tawan Deurd. I watched him in the Khunchai Series. Other than that I really didnt like his characters in the other lakorns. Until this one.
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  18. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    She was great in the Bride to Be. That dying scene in the last episode got to me. It felt so real and matt was so raw in that scene.
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  19. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    (cr: y_zforever)

    - James Ji is like a little puppy in my eyes, you can't not like him cause his so cute and adorable lol.
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  20. ella0411

    ella0411 sarNie Adult

    That one is soooo good, as fas as acting is concerned. And they have chemistry. I like FLF, on the other hand, because of the storyline.

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