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  1. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I think i saw on mydramalist that's it's 24eps. In this version there's only nk mom and pong is still want to have his cake and eat it too. Her mom and the friend is just not supporting her to leave. Film is challenging her and supporting her as a person...not a title of mia or mom...

    It seems nxt wk is when she will fully be at her wits end. Can't wait...again...film swoooon lol
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  2. Fan07

    Fan07 sarNie Hatchling

    Thank you for the updates. So they are changing the plot a little bit by not having the husband asking for the divorce. I am curious to see how the Thai's version choose the ending. It appears they are still filming....
  3. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    @Fan07 Yes...Na (bee) kicked pong out and told him to leave.

    They have made nk stronger and making her think and at the end decide. Her hubby don't love her and won't stop his shady shit and marie is harassing her. Love it when she threw the plate towards him. BEE is slaying the rollercoast emotional role. I feel she improve in emoting even more.

    I feel it's the same ending... film will be the end game. They just did some adjusting. So far the change is good. I didn't watch the original.

    They progress nk waaay to far for the back and forth....she "tried" to maintain the family and give him a chance. If they change that...lol...I will rage.
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  4. Fan07

    Fan07 sarNie Hatchling

    You are too funny .....:pancarta: It seems like they make the husband a lot more sleazier & morally more corrupted in this version. The husband in the original was horrible & cruel the way he forced her to sign the divorce paper while recovering in the hospital but I respect that he wanted to right the wrongs by getting the divorce & stop with the lying & cheating ways.

    I heard the rating is 2.1.....not sure if that is good or bad by the Thai's rating standard for drama.
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  5. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    That is good for 1hd.

    The hubby is horrible. Lying....or not saying anything at all

    Bee and film had a cute ig clip asking the lil girl if she wants him as her new dad ...cute

    In this version.... they at least give a reason why the cousin is like that...a background... she's mentally unstable....

    So nk transformation coming soon
  6. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    URG...the lastest ep ending scene is such a spoiler! Grrrr....

    Film--- Khun Wasin is BOSS...Boss man is BOSS! I'm in love be still my heart!

    I can't wait for mon. Bee's transformation for his promotion party. I bet Wasin is gonna be jealous cuz all eyes will be on bee...

    The preview got me screaming and anticipating the coming episode.

    From the looks of it, Hubby it starting to regret it and from the bts pix on ig. He's going to try to win her back. I will rage soo bad if they change that concept of the original ending hahaha
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  7. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    I've been loosely following this drama lately. I watched the Taiwanese version so I was really curious to see how they were going to do this. I don't speak Thai and Eng subbed eps aren't updated yet so I only understand the gist of what's going on.

    It appears as if the hubby is very guilty of hurting his wife esp in that kitchen scene but he also won't stop his cheating like WTH. I can't wait for him to lose everything and crawl back begging for her forgiveness lol. And I agree they should keep the original ending with the wife pursuing her own happiness, leaving the hubby drown in regret.

    Can someone tell me what was going on in the preview for next week? Did he call to invite his wife to his party?
  8. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    Why did he get promoted? He's supposed to lose his job and be miserable lol.
  9. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    He felt bad but I don't think he felt guilty. That plate scene was one of my favorite scene. He thinks he's in love. He rejected his ex on the business trip for Marie but didn't do it for his wife. Hell, he missed his appt with his daughter! She was hangover.....so what. So spend time with your child you p.o.s!

    Everyone warn him .... he's selfish... he got promoted because Marie frame the other girl and she got fired and he took her place.


    They are having a promotion party for him. He is married. For the sake of his "image" he needs NA. I hope film will be there too...he is starting to see it...

    I can't wait for mon. I usually hold out and watch both ep on Tues. But I'm really anticipating mon ep...
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  10. Fan07

    Fan07 sarNie Hatchling

    I completely understand your rage if she forgives him.....Like you said before the husband has no redeeming quality. If he stops cheating & changes his ways only after seeing her transformed into this beautiful, fashionably, well-dressed woman, then he is superficially and pathetic excuse of a husband who doesn't recognize the true beauty & potential of a woman that has loved & supported him all these years, while her boss sees all that in her before the transformation. That's true love & appreciation.....too bad that doesn't happen often in real life.
  11. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    Thank you so much for explaining. So excited for Monday too. So the hubby wants to keep her as a trophy wife for his image? That's why he's not asking for divorce like Rui Fan in the original? He's such a loser. Hope Na tells everyone there that they're no longer together and that he has a mistress haha. Thada's so infatuated with Kanya that he thinks it's love. He can't even see how much of an immature brat she is. Well, good luck raising that kid. In the original, the wife transformed as part of her initial plan to grab her hubby back. But I'm glad it seems different in this one. She transformed for herself and her daughter, to start a new life. I'm fine with her forgiving the hubby eventually for her own peace of mind and cause they have a daughter but no no no to getting back together. I do hope the hubby realizes his mistakes sooner here cause in the original it took him till the last episode I think. I want the hubby to suffer longer lol.
  12. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    Does anyone know where I can watch this with updated Eng subs? :)
  13. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid


    I don't know about eng sub. 1 hd usually have it sub a month later.

    Na had to change. Boss man planned it. He wanted her to love and value herself. She went to see him about her job. He gave her 2 wk to study the cars and then transform herself (dressing up).

    Tada knows Na is a good person. He agreed w/ his bro in law but he doesn't care. He cares about his lust/want. Even Pete Character who's a dog said he would be stupid if he did so. Divorce is longer process than series make it seem to be. They just separated.

    The fierce wife had a movie to complete the series where her hubby tries to win her back. So I feel that is added to the lakorn and the hubby and BOSS will then have to see what she decided. It's said 24 eps....I can't wait 4 mon
  14. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    @spanky I watched the movie version too ans was satisfied with the ending, with the hubby failing to get his wife back so I hope the Thai version would be the same. I also saw BTS pics on IG where it seemed like the hubby was trying to win her back, hope he fails miserably.

    In the original, they (wife, hubby, mistress and kid) all lived together after the divorce and after he lost his job. Gahd I hope he gets rid of that woman so she doesn't step foot on their house again. Also I wish it would be Na who will seek divorce instead of the hubby. It was so terrible when Rui Fan forced An Zhen to sign the divorce papers when she was in the hospital.
  15. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid


    The movie was a continuation because the series was left open ended. So I feel it was added to this series as a whole. Pong has no redeeming qualities. All he did was stomp on Na for like 13-14 eps....they have been doing so well w/this remake by making her stronger. So they better cont. It. She is finding her self worth and BOSS man helped her greatly

    NA kicked hubby out... dunno who will ask for divorce but it seem to be mutual. Hubby chooses the cousin and move there f.t. asks neglected his daughter.

    Boss encouraged the changes and I think he lends her his car ? Hopefully he goes with her... can't wait for mon.
  16. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    I haven't fully watched a ch.ONE lakorn since Sean and Esther's first lakorn and a husband stealing one at that hahahhah I'm already on Episode 11 after starting on Friday. I'm SO SUCKED in ahhahahaha @Alichgo yes I'll put my name on this one and recommend it. Worth the hype! ahahahahah Everyone minus Pong is actually pretty likable in the cast. It's not too crazy how they execute this storyline so if people are too turned off by this storyline this one is stomachable/ more than tolerable actually enjoyable obviously ahhaha It's so nice to hear good songs in this series since it's grammy affiliated... my ears have been neglected by the mediocre ost. at ch3 ahahhaha Even if Marie is the homewrecker I don't know she's kinda likeable, well at least she's spicy and she fights with May P's character. I like May's character too, I wasn't expecting her to play someone smart hahahah she's usually the rai but I like her too... but her contacts are so annoying and distracting. I wish Pete aged better ahhaha he looks horrible but he's still got that player charm in his acting I just wished his face matched it. I like that they make Bee really likeable too not just sympathetic... they've given her more personality than most of the other main wife roles. She was cute in the beginning episodes when she would go do prayers... I gotta learn how to pray like that old lady in episode 5 hahahhhaha
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  17. enchanted

    enchanted sarNie Hatchling

    I’m usually not a fan of Pong but I’m inclined to check this out.
  18. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    WOW making such a recommendation - putting your name on it - is a lot like saying this is the lakorn I need to be watching righ now! The buzz I am reading in social medias seem that many people have had similar experiences. I normally do not watch this type of storyline and some qualities that certain people like might not be enjoyed by others, but I trust your instinct and will definitely give this a try. I passed on Plerng Boon simply for the storyline and it seem way too overly dramatic for me, but reading your comments - this lakorn is intriguing. I love good OSTs/songs and it's always more enjoyable when the song helps convey the emotion of each scene. This will be the first time I've watch anything from channel ONE.
  19. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    I hate this storyline ahhhahaha but this one is okay. It's like team everyone but Pong's character ahahahha I just turned it on for fun but I found myself watching and anticpating what's gonna happen. It's NOT over the top and since the lead, Bee, is likeable I think that's what's making you stick around to see what she'll do... there's a lot of different developement with each character background and personality that makes this appealing too, it feels more realistic. PB is husband stealing storyline on steriods it's good when you want some good trash hahahaa Pong's character is a loser. It's a good thing that an extremely ugly actor is playing such a gross character because good looks won't even help him hahahaha if someone attractive were playing this you'd probably find excuses for him LOL The actual ost. isn't good but they're able to use random songs by other artists ahahha like Palmy hahahha They also use some of the same background music as LR ahhaha

    Girl catch up ahhaha I don't want to spoil you because there aren't like devasting scenes yet but you just have to watch how things started off and escalate.
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  20. mave_nice

    mave_nice Nadech♥Yaya

    I am glad they made the wife stronger here, I wonder why they eliminated "Fierce" in the title, she's definitely more fierce here. The fact that she's the one who kicked him out. I hated the part in the original where she still wanted to grab her hubby back, hence the transformation. Like seriously after being treated like trash, you still want that a-hole back? And she was too nice to them, considering they betrayed her and all, at one point she even helped him get a new job and was offering them love advice when they were going through a tough time like ew.

    I am so hyped up for tonight's episode. I saw the teaser and bts pics, it seems she went to the party alone. Well, I hope Wasin shows up somehow. No no to ever getting back together with cheating hubby.

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