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    I agree with Spanky, this isn't those typical cheating husband storyline. It's much much more. It's a lakorn displaying how even after a man has hurt her, she is able to continue moving on. Also, it shows how even after how badly he effed up she still tries to manage a good dynamic with him for their daughter's sake.
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    Na rejected Boss? In that scene by the house gate? :(

    @spanky need your help again hehe :)

    * What did Na tell the reporters that made him so upset?
    * And what did he say in the video?
    * Thada's letter

    Kanya drama still ain't over ugh. Can't it just end there with her drowning in regret and shame at the hospital bed lol.
  3. spanky

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    I figured as much...since Boss will leave and it will make her realize her true feeling and have courage to fully accept him.


    Be back to translate
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    After he walked off....she said she had no one. She's single.

    At the house he had 3 questions for her

    Are you afraid to love?
    Can you love me?
    When are you going to stop caring what ppl think?

    She answered 1 question

    She said she don't care what other ppl think. She don't know how she feels. All she knows is he makes her happy when she's with him. She feel calm/serene when she is with him. She also don't want to lose a great friend like him. She want to be able to know if it's truly love or is it a rebound or if she is just lonely. She said that she needs to know for sure. She don't know when she can give him an answer for sure . she also said that if he ask if she can live on her own...as is (hard to translate). She said she can.

    His mom told her he randomly leave to figure things out / self discovery.

    He said take all the time you need to think. I'm sorry I bothered you. Just so you know, no matter what your answers is, I will always be your friend.

    He then up and left. They Skype .. he gave her his position and said it will be the last time they will talk because he's won't be able 2 help himself. He said she can follow his ig to know what he is up to. He'd posted thoughts and quotes that makes her think/ponder.
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    @spanky Awwww poor Boss. But at least Na is being fair to him and wants to make sure her heart is in the right place before she dives in another relationship. If I got my heart broken like she did, it will also take me ages before I can commit again haha. Na checking out his IG once in a while is like me stalking my crushes lol.

    Just curious what did Thada say in his letter? I figured he won't need to write a letter if it wasn't important. Or did he just say take care of yourself and Nuda?
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    Na I've returned the house key. I shouldn't hold on to it...? I'll be busy and will need to get a new phone. When I get settle I will call. Tell Nuda i'll be very busy in the beginning and won't be able to contact her. Please take of your self. Don't block yourself and be happy. Don't have the bad past stop you from happiness. Take care of yourself, don't work so hard. If you need anything let me know. I want to see you happy... you deserve it

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    @spanky Aww he was basically encouraging her to pursue happiness.. with Wasin. But girl still needs more time. Hopefully it won't take her till the last minute of tonight's ep though.

    In other news, there's Eng sub till Ep11 already yay. Looks like the subber has continued his/her work.
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    I hear ya....it nice to know the subtle details

    I'm currently watching accidentally in love Chinese web drama....soo cute and funny and waiting for sub is a torture...hahaha....I have no patients.

    Na already misses him....she keep checking his ig for updates....

    I'm glad they didn't make it too much of a focus.....I love boss&na but I Love how it is about her...a person who stand on her own w/o a man.

    : You find your worth within yourself and not from a man.:
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    @spanky Likewise. I've seen too many infidelity dramas already and this is one of the best because they focused on the woman instead of the infidelity itself or the sex and the catfights and whatnot. Also I like how the karma of the hubby is more emotional torment. They didn't overdo anything even the progression of her new love angle.
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    Hi, do you know where a hopeless lakorn fan like me can watch it with eng sub?
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    I love Bee and Pong, but honestly I didn't want to watch this because it's just another cheating lakorn. But I followed this thread and ig anyway because it's Bee and Pong after all! I'm glad I did because it's not just any typical husband affair cheating lakorn. Like a few of you mentioned already this lakorn is about the strength of being a single mother and a woman. Self discovery, self love, forgiveness, & learning to love again in all forms. It truly sends an empowering message to viewers!

    Throughout the lakorn I felt Na will always have Thada in her heart, a piece of him will always be within her. She loved him to begin with all her heart and always did and will even though an affair was involved. You can tell that even Thada still love Na after the affair with Kanya ended. Thada and Na relationship was so bittersweet - he learned that the grass is not greener on the other side, but can't turn back time. He has regrets but was mature enough to not beg for forgiveness or for Na to come back to him and only wish her the best in life and to find a better person than him to spend the rest of her life with. Bee and Pong did excellent in their roles! Their feelings and emotions were on point! The director really did a superb job with their character development. Now can we get a Bee and Pong romantic comedy drama or more mellow happy ending drama!

    I love the ending scene especially when Na slipped off her heels. So romantic! I just wish we got more episodes when her hair was long and to see Boss and Na relationship bloom. Hope to see them paired up again!
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    Fastdrama :) but the last time I checked it's only till Ep12. Hopefully they sub more eps more quickly.
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    I agree with everything. I was hoping to see more of Boss-Na being happy lovers in the finale, I was a bit shocked when the kiss was the actual ending haha.

    I felt for Thada during that living room scene and also when he left Na with Boss in the crowd. He was an a-hole for cheating on Na but he did redeem himself by letting her go and wishing her happiness. He will always have regrets but at least he's at peace knowing Na's in good hands and he will always be Nuda's father, that's what matters most.

    I didn't know Na was still wearing her wedding ring until she took it off and put it in the glass. I thought Thada was gonna take his off too but he kept both rings. Guess he wants to keep a piece of Na and his happy marriage with him. He'll probably wear his wedding ring forever, it's bittersweet.
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  15. mave_nice

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    @spanky this will probably the last time I will ask you to translate stuff haha :)

    * What did Na say during IG convo? And in the video she sent Boss
    * Na's speech, Thada's speech, Wasin's speech
    * What they were saying to each other before the kiss
  16. dertaajaf

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    I thought they would be more into it and more action :naughty2: since there's like huge suppressed feelingssss they've been held, but what can we say? at least there's progress on their relationship and Na letting her guard down a lil bit.

    Funny that Bee was actually looked more comfortable when she kissed another girl (Vatanika) on runway! I was hoping kiss like that happen in lakorn :risas3:
  17. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Considering I didn't even expect a kiss, since they did I expected a lil more but it made sense w/how the director and the writers portrayed. Na is still shy and scared. She told him she still scared but is ready to love. Bee kissing someone on the runway is BEE Namptip Not Aruna. In the bts B like to tease Film but they both flirt/tease but also get a bit bashful.

    I like the kiss scene it was creative and diff./unique I feel like a crazy make out kiss will cheapen. Na is very vanilla, that's why he cheated. His love for her is very genuine and pure. He is very gentle in that process because she needed it. I like the ending, it's realistic and not tied in a bow. It show hope/possibility of a person willing to love again but is still afraid.


    No Biggy, I love helping and will miss it.

    Their family Photo is soo stinking cute!

    He posted an IG clip that said "I MISS YOU!" w/a silly face which makes her smile and laugh.

    she talked about the baby. She did send him a msg asking when he is coming bak. He said he miss her and nuda . He's happy she sent him a msg and ask how is she.
    -If you miss me just say you miss me-
    I think she said she did. They didn't have a voice over on that msg. I can't read thai.

    Na VDO clip*I Miss you, I miss you everyday. Some day I wish I didn't But I do. Where are you? I want to see your face, hear you voice. I want to hear you complain to me and tell me things. I really want to see you. I want to answer you. If you want to hear it, hurry back.

    Na talked about what she been through. Her despair and swimming back up from drowning w/support of friendship. She went from being weak to becoming stronger with the help of that friendship. I learn that no matter what darkness you are in..you will see the sunlight w/great friendships. I am grateful for it. I want to tell everyone that type of friendship is very important. I want everyone to love and take care of each other.


    I use to have a great love, was cherished by that person. It was great and I was happy. Even though now we are only friends, but I am happy that at one point I used to have that person. I have a friend who wants to share. Once in my life...

    Before this, my life was very strict. I was a workaholic. Then I meant this women, she was not anything special. But then she taught me things. I saw the fighter in her and I saw how strong she is. I really love her. Even though my life was chaotic, I'm glad that one in my life I met her...

    I'm here for the answer...

    Na- I'm still scared but I'm ready to love...

    The place you went to is pretty

    I want to take you and Nuda there

    B- When you want to go, we'll go, when you want to be lazy..I'll do it w/you and when you want to kiss...I'll kiss you. why did to reply to my kiss

    N-I think that behind the stage....something? *** couldn't make it out

    B- Good, I like it...

    After watching this part a few time...you see that subtle movement at the end when they had the close up...lol

    I love the remakes of Majority of the songs/ost
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  18. mave_nice

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    Many thanks as always @spanky :)

    Aww so she is still scared but was brave enough to give it a shot. You'll never be ready until you choose to be ready. Go Na!

    I have yet to backtrack the other eps, waiting for more Eng subs. I skimmed through subbed Ep12 and was about to hate Thada again lol. This is the 2nd lakorn I've watched from OneHD (I only usually watch NY stuff haha) and have to say they did a good job with this remake. Film looks like a promising actor and most esp Inter. You can tell Pong and Bee are veterans already. Everyone did well so cheers.
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    Thank you @spanky for being always being so insightful :clap: yea I totally forgot to differentiate her off and on screen persona. I agree that she just about to opening up and it's never easy to express your feelings and being so vulnerable once again. Especially given her previous relationship that went awry.

    Anyway, hope to see that Pong tries to rebel and not accepting the cheating spouse/boyfriend! I like him cause he's decent but I can't stand every time (lately) he betrayed women (in lakorn)
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  20. spanky

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    Kissing bts...Both are soo shy...and their heart goes kong kong kong

    I rem. Bee tease a bts and was sneaking on film and purse her lips...he turn around and they almost kiss and he purse his lips towards her...

    I feel that Bee has developed a lil crush on film as well.....lol...that's what she get for teasing him soo much hahaha...he is very comfortable..teasing...calling Bee ahjumma...she is a sexy Noona...Boss...lol


    3 pix...u see above Bee open up her lips/mouth...

    You should watch ugly duckling....it is funny/cute
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