[CH.One31] Naet Nakin (?) : Susira Angelina/ Dan Worrawech/ Jes Jespipat/ Fernynop Nopjira


sarNie Oldmaid
Channle One31 is remaking this lakorn.

Cover of the old version:

The opening:

Cr to: Its owner



sarNie OldFart
I think so... but i felt she's always been skinny...i can't recognize her... somehow i feel she looks older esp. With her lipstick


sarNie Juvenile
Omg Susie is staring in exact lakorns I didn’t know that! Is she no longer with ch3? I miss her


sarNie Adult
this lakorn was soooo....weird! no real substance. I just watched it cause I love all of those veteran actors


sarNie Adult
This lakorn stress me out but i don't know why i keep watching it. LOL. Susie is really weird in acting. I think it's because she's overacting. lol. Like she's okay playing the rai but being nice is just not working. Or is it because of her force acting, i don't know what's worse. I'm also stress about the cop guy, he's always all up in Dan's face. LOL.

The story should have went that the one that can stop her is her twin sister not the ne'ek. I mean they are twins, so if one is the madussa, the other twin should be the one that will not get affect by it and and can stop her.